Zero-hours investigation reveals fears about treatment of Suffolk’s home visit carers

Care worker nurse helping an elderly client with her hair (stock image)

Care worker nurse helping an elderly client with her hair (stock image) - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

They look after some of Suffolk’s most vulnerable people, but an investigation has today revealed fears about the treatment of the county’s army of home visit carers.

An EADT special report into controversial zero-hours contracts has found their use is widespread across Suffolk and Essex.

They are also being offered regularly by several public sector organisations, with one council employing more than 1,500 people on the contracts, which have been heavily criticised for providing the employee no guarantee of work from one week to the next and often failing to offer the same benefits of a normal job.

Our investigation has found their use is particularly rife in the care service industry, with a regional union boss describing carers as “the most poorly treated people I know”.

The use of such contracts have become a contentious part of the election campaign.

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Those who defend their use claim they offer flexibility to workers and that most people on them do not want to work more hours. They also claim those with exclusivity clauses, barring that person from getting another job, are rare.

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