Another 50 pub quiz questions for you to test your knowledge

Playford Church features in this weeks 50 question quiz Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

Playford Church features in this weeks 50 question quiz Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

Fancy some pub quiz question ideas? Here are 50 questions on everything from news to geography and history to sport for you to try out with your family and friends.

All the answers for the quiz are at the bottom of the article.

Round 1 - News

1 What do you now have to wear in shops?

2 Which popular singer revealed a surprise new album this week?

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3 The Twitter accounts of celebrites like Barack Obama and Kanye West were recently hacked by scammers, but what did the scammers want?

4 Sales of which musical instrument surged during lockdown?

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5 Which phone manufacturer is to be removed from the UK’s 5G network?

6 Which singer was spotted on the waterfront in Ipswich this week?

7 Which city is being considered as a potential temporary home for the House of Lords?

8 Name one of the countries which launched a probe to Mars this week

9 Which X Factor boyband celebrated their tenth anniversary this week?

10 Which Youtuber finished his virtual PE classes this week?

Round 2 - Sport

1 World cup group game schedules were announced last week but where is the tournament being held?

2 Name one of the Championship teams that were relegated to League One this week

3 Which boxer is coming out of retirement to fight Roy Jones Jr.?

4 It’s the F1 British GP next weekend. Name any of the current British drivers.

5 Which English cricketer was dropped after breaking coronavirus protocols?

6 £1 million of National Lottery Funding has been given to the host cities of which tournament due to be held in England in 2022?

7 The European Tour continued in golf this week with which tournament?

8 Serena Williams and Natalie Portman are among the owners of a new sporting team in the US. But what sport will the team play?

9 Heptathlete Jessica Ennis Hill takes part in seven events for her competitions, name two of the disciplines.

10 Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy this week, but how many league trophies (including pre premier league) have the won?

Round 3 - Geography

1 Name one of the three capitals of South Africa?

2 What country was author Rudyard Kipling born in?

3 Name three of the nine countries which border Germany

4 How many sovereign states make up South America?

5 What is the largest county in Ireland?

6 Which country is the last dictatorship in Europe?

7 Do more people live in Japan or South Korea?

8 What is the biggest African country by landmass?

9 What is the biggest European country by population?

10 Greenland is an autonomous territory within the kingdom of which country?

Round 4 - History

1 What was the name of the prominent abolitionist buried in Playford Church?

2 Tsar Nicholas II, was the last Tsar of Russia but which British king was his cousin?

3 What year did the Battle of Hastings take place?

4 What was the name of Boudica’s tribe?

5 Whose last words are said to be ‘I am just going outside and I maybe some time’?

6 The defeat of the Spanish Armada came under the reign of which queen?

7 What was the name of the street that the Great Fire of London began on?

8 Which came first the Mayan Empire or the Incan Empire?

9 Who was the last king of France?

10 The life of US founding father Alexander Hamilton has become popularised by a musical, but did Hamilton ever serve as US president?

Round 5 - TV and Film

1 In what year did Hollyoaks begin?

2 Who played the original detective Van Der Walk?

3 How many actors have played James Bond?

4 Which came first the Inbetweeners or the IT Crowd?

5 In which year was the first episode of Doctor Who broadcast?

6 Craig Charles is the current lead presenter of which long running technology show?

7 Which Disney live action remake was delayed due to the coronavirus?

8 Which Danny Boyle film was filmed largely in Suffolk?

9 Siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper play cousins Kerry and Kurtan in which BBC 3 comedy?

10 How many Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been released?


1 Masks

2 Taylor Swift

3 Bitcoin

4 Guitars

5 Huawei

6 Peter Andre

7 York

8 China and UAE

9 One Direction

10 Joe Wicks


1 Qatar

2 Wigan, Charlton, Hull

3 Mike Tyson

4 Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, George Russell, Alex Albon (Albon was born in Britain but drives under a Thai license).

5 Jofra Archer

6 Women’s Euros 2022.

7 The British Masters

8 Soccer (women’s soccer)

9 100 metres hurdles, high jump,Shot put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin throw, 800 metres

10 19


1 Pretoria, Cape Town or Bloemfontein

2 India

3 Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland

4 12

5 Cork

6 Belarus

7 Japan

8 Algeria

9 Germany

10 Denmark


1 Thomas Clarkson

2 George V

3 1066

4 Iceni

5 Captain Lawrence Oates

6 Queen Elizabeth I

7 Pudding Lane

8 Mayan

9 Louis XVI

10 No. He was secretary of the treasury but never president.

TV and Film

1 1995

2 Barry Foster

3 7

4 The IT Crowd

5 1963

6 The Gadget Show

7 Mulan

8 Yesterday

9 This Country

10 23

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