50 more pub quiz questions to test your knowledge

The festive season officially gets underway on the Ipswich Cornhill with the switching on of it's Christmas lights.

There's many festive questions in this week's pub quiz - Credit: Archant

After a busy week why not relax with our latest pub quiz and test out your knowledge and that of your family and friends. Answers at the bottom of the page


1)What was the name of the second person to get the coronavirus vaccine this week? 

2) Which Eastenders legend died this week? 

3) Which Sky News presenter was taken off air this week for breaching coronavirus restrictions? 

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4) Harrison Ford will return as which of his iconic characters in a new film? 

5)The Starship rocket crashed this week but who does it belong to? 

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6) Which British nation has scrapped exams for secondary pupils? 

7) From Monday, how many days will you have to isolate on returning from abroad? 

8) What day next week will the Government update its tier system? 

9) Pictures emerged this week of the world’s biggest iceberg but which English county is it the same size as? Suffolk, Dorset or Somerset.  

10) Boxing Day marks how many years since the UFO incident took place in Rendlesham Forrest? 


1) Which British Formula One driver recently tested positive for the coronavirus? 

2) Ipswich Town let fans back to Portman Road this weekend, but who did they play? 

3) The England Cricket team’s tour of which country was cancelled this week? 

4) Which Chinese city will host the World Indoor Athletic Championships in 2023? 

5) Former British Sprinter James Dasaolu will make his World Cup debut in which winter sport this weekend? 

6) Ipswich Town Women are in FA Cup action this weekend but which top tier side knocked them out of the cup last season? 

7) What’s the name of British boxer Anthony Joshua’s opponent this weekend? 

8) This weekend is the final race of the Formula One season, but where is it being held? 

9) Which commentator known as “the voice of golf” died last week? 

10) Name one of the English men’s teams left in the Champions League

True or false 

1) Henry VIII had three wives called Catherine. 

2) Donald Trump was a finalist for the Time magazine Person of the Year.  

3) There were four human “tots” in the kid's TV show Tots TV. 

4) Until recently the county of Rutland was the only one in England not to have a McDonalds.  

5) Over 6000 episodes of EastEnders have been aired since the show started in 1985. 

6) Author Colin Dexter gave his fictional detective, Inspector Morse, the same home town as him. 

7) There were only three series of what is now known at Star Trek: The Original Series. 

8) The most easterly point in England is at Margate in Kent. 

9) The England men’s football team have made it at least the semi-finals of the World Cup five times. 

10) The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic mascots were called Much and Mandeville.  

Classic films 

1) How many Von Trapp children were there in 'The Sound of Music'?

2) What did the Tin Man ask the wizard for in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

3) 'Casablanca' was set during which war?

4) What is the name of the female lead in 'Gone with the Wind'?

5) Audrey Hepburn plays a princess named Ann in which film?

6) What are the two gangs called in 'West Side Story'?

7) What was Mr Potts' first name in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'?

8) What is the first song sung in the film 'Annie'?

9) How many children visit the factory in 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'?

10) What are the names of the Banks children in Mary Poppins?

Christmas anagrams

These are all words or phrases to do with Christmas. 

1) ad holy vinyl (Three words)

2) karmic scratchers (Two words)

3) cog stink (One word)

4) glean (One word) 

5) arrest chemist (Two words)

6) listen (One word)

7) ant casuals (Two words)

8) cancan dye (Two words)

9) discarding thumps (Two words)

10) dime unwell (Two words)



1) William Shakespeare 

2) Dame Barbara Windsor 

3) Kay Burley 

4) Indiana Jones 

5) Elon Musk 

6) Wales 

7) 10 days 

8) Wednesday 

9) Somerset 

10) 40  


1) Lewis Hamilton 

2) Portsmouth 

3) South Africa 

4) Nanjing 

5) Bobsleigh 

6) Manchester City Women 

7) Kubrat Pulev 

8) Abu Dhabi 

9) Peter Alliss 

10) Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City 

True or false

1) True – Catherine of Aragon, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr 

2) True – but he lost to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 

3) False – There were only three; Tilly, Tom and Tiny 

4) True – A branch eventually opened there in November 2020 

5) False  - 5180 episodes have been aired to date 

6) True – Both Dexter and Morse are said to be from Stamford in Lincolnshire 

7) True – There were 79 episodes but only three seasons 

8) False – It's Ness Point in Lowestoft 

9) False – It's only three times: 1966, 1990 and 2018 

10) False – They were called Wenlock and Mandeville 

Classic Films

1) Seven

2) A heart

3) World War 2

4) Scarlett O'Hara

5) Roman Holiday

6) Jets and Sharks

7) Caractacus

8) Tomorrow

9) Five - including Charlie

10) Jane and Michael

Christmas anagrams

1) holly and ivy

2) Christmas cracker

3) Stocking

4) Angel

5) Christmas tree

6) Tinsel

7) Santa Claus

8) Candy cane

9) Christmas pudding

10) Mulled wine

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