50 pub quiz questions to try with friends and family

A man walks past the Topshop flagship store at Oxford Circus, London, part of the Arcadia Group. Pic

Top Shop features in this week's quiz but can you answer all 50 questions correctly - Credit: KIRSTY O'CONNOR/PA WIRE

With a month of lockdown now having passed and with bad weather on the way why not stay warm and enjoy our latest pub quiz. 


1) Which national hero died after contracting the coronavirus this week? 

2)  A chaotic parish council meeting went viral this week after the meeting? But where were they from? 

3) How long will arrivals to the UK from certain countries be asked to quarantine for? 

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4) Which Suffolk based film about Sutton Hoo has proved a hit with critics? 

5) The hit Channel 4 Series about AIDS in the 1980s, It’s a Sin, takes its name from a song by which band? 

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6) Which social media site is set to return this month? 

7) Dr Alex George was named a mental health ambassador this week, but on what TV dating show did he find fame? 

8)  Plans have been submitted for a space launch facility on which Scottish island? 

9) Lockdown closures are estimated to have seen how many pints of beer go to waste? 

10) Which online fashion brand has bought Topshop? 


11) Which major rugby tournament began this weekend?

12) The England Lionesses had two new matches confirmed against which nations?

13) Which country has England men's cricket team started their first test against this week?

14) Which two teams will face off in the American Superbowl this weekend?

15) Which F1 team is the last to confirm their 2021 driver line up?

16) Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had their takeover of which League Two club confirmed this week?

17) Which major tennis tournament is taking place at the moment?

18) A golf ball was discovered in an unusual location this week 50 years after it was hit?

19) Chelsea boss Emma Hayes was linked to which League One men's side?

20) Which former F1 driver announced his move to Indycar this week?

TV and Film

21) The first Harry Potter film was released in which year?

22) In Gavin and Stacey, what is the name of Gavin's mum who loves drama?

23) Singer Demi Lovato made her big break in which Disney Channel original film?

24) What Netflix original TV show has become the platform's biggest ever series launch?

25) Ant and Dec return to our screens this week in which popular show?

26) Ben Miller is set to return as DI Richard Poole in which detective show?

27) Which of these films premiered first; The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca or Gone with the Wind?

28) Actor Christopher Plummer died this week but in which classic film was his best known role?

29) What was the highest grossing film of 2020?

30) Which British comedian plays the role of the Fairy Godmother in the film Shrek 2?


Each of these anagrams is a place in Suffolk. The number in brackets indicates how many words are in the town or village's name. 

31) buddy sternums (3)

32) intermit smartly (3)

33) rebus (1)

34) earth howls (1)

35) gables hotter (2)

36) knew tamer (1)

37) bodied grow (1)

38) any bug (1)

39) doll frogmen (2)

40) and chives (1)

True or False

41) Pop group BTS are from South Korea

42) Actor Liam Hemsworth is older than his actor brother Chris

43) This year's Grammy's are the 65th to take place

44) China is the third biggest country in the world by landmass

45) Star Trek captain James T Kirk's middle name is Tiberius

46) Cinderella was the first Disney princess film

47) Oxford is further north than Ipswich

48) March 22 is the earliest that Easter could ever be held

49) The Aussie soap opera Neighbours has been running longer than Eastenders

50) The shortest flight lasts just 1 and a half minutes between Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland



1) Captain Sir Tom Moore 

2) Handforth in Cheshire 

3) 10 days 

4) The Dig 

5) The Pet Shop Boys 

6) Bebo 

7) Love Island 

8) Shetland 

9) Up to 87 million 

10) Asos 


11) Six Nations

12) Northern Ireland and Canada

13) India

14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs

15) Mercedes

16) Wrexham

17) Australian Open

18) On the moon

19) Wimbledon

20) Romain Grosjean

TV and Film

21) 2001

22) Pam

23) Camp Rock

24) Bridgerton

25) Saturday Night Takeaway

26) Death in Paradise

27) The Wizard of Oz

28) The Sound of Music

29) The Eight Hundred

30) Jennifer Saunders


31) Bury St Edmunds

32) Trimley St Martin

33) Bures

34) Halesworth

35) East Bergholt

36) Newmarket

37) Woodbridge

38) Bungay

39) Long Melford

40) Cavendish

True or false

41) True

42) False

43) False

44) True

45) True

46) False

47) False

48) True

49) False

50) True

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