50 New Year pub quiz questions to test on friends and family

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50 virtual pub quiz question to keep you entertained in Tier 4 Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto/ComicSans - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As Zoom becomes the venue of choice again this Saturday night, channel your inner virtual pub quiz master and test out these 50 pub quiz questions on friends and family. 

Answers are included at the bottom of this article, there are 10 questions in each round. 

Round 1: New Year Trivia 

1. On what day of the week was New Year's Day 2019? 

2. What song is traditionally sung in the UK when the clock strikes midnight on January 1? 

3. What is the name of the TV show hosted by Jools Holland on New Year’s Eve? 

4. What is the date of Chinese New Year 2021? 

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5. What is Scotland’s New Year tradition called? 

6. Which famous 19th century novel begins on New Year’s Day? 

7. January gets its name from the ancient Roman god of gates and doors. Can you name this god? 

8. Which place was the last to celebrate the new millennium in 2000? 

9. What name was given to the predicted computer meltdown at the beginning of the year 2000? 

10. What is the Chinese New Year animal for 2021? 

Round 2: 2020 

1. Which popular reality television series announced its final series would be in 2020? 

2. Where were the 2020 Olympics supposed to be held? 

3. On what date did the WHO officially name the coronavirus ‘COVID-19’? 

4. Who made history by becoming the first Korean to win the Best Director Oscar? Bonus point if you can name the film. 

5. Where did Dominic Cummings drive to, when ‘testing his eyesight’? 

6. Where was the filming of I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here moved to? 

7. Which streaming service series made Carole Baskin famous? 

8. At what time and on what day did Clap for Carers occur? 

9. Who won the Superbowl? 

10. In January which country hit headlines for large wildfires on its coastline? 

Round 3: Food and Drink 

1. What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight? 

2. Which brand of beer is brewed at the Sole Bay Brewery? 

3. What does IPA stand for? 

4. Vanilla comes from what kind of flower? 

5. Which country produces the most potatoes? 

6. Orzo a type of what? 

7. Which country was the first to set 21 as the legal age for drinking? 

8. What sort of drink is oolong? 

9. What type of beans are baked beans? 

10. Who invented Coca-Cola? 

Round 4: Sport and Leisure 

1. Jessica Ennis-Hill competed for GB in which sport? 

2. What food was the gaming character PacMan modelled on? 

3. Who captains England’s women’s football team? 

4. Which country tried to ban gaming past midnight? 

5. Where was Mo Farah born? 

6. Which games console sold out the most times during the pandemic? 

7. In what year was Nintendo founded? 

8. What is the name of the final course in all Mario Kart games? 

9. What is Muhammad Ali’s real name? 

10. What is the best-selling video game of all time? 

Round 5: General Knowledge 

1. What is a musical composition for nine voices or instruments? 

2. In which ocean is the island of Madeira? 

3. What is the largest joint in the human body? 

4. How many stars are on the national flag of China? 

5. What is the biggest animal in the world? 

6. What is the capital of Iceland? 

7. Who is the voice of Shrek? 

8. What is Cher’s last name? 

9. What is Matt Le Blanc’s character in Friends called? 

10. Coulrophobia is the fear of what? 


Round 1: New Year Trivia 

1. Tuesday 

2. Auld Lang Syne 

3. Jools’ Annual Hootenanny 

4. Friday, February 12 

5. Hogmanay 

6. George Eliot – Middlemarch  

7. Janus 

8. Hawaii 

9. Millennium Bug 

10. Ox 

Round 2: 2020 
1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians 

2. Tokyo 

3. February 11 

4. Bong Joon Ho (bonus point for Parasite) 

5. Barnard Castle 

6. A castle in Wales 

7. Tiger King 

8. Thursday at 8pm 

9. Kansas City Chiefs 

10. Australia 

Round 3: Food and Drink 

1. Saffron 

2. Adnams (Southwold) 

3. Indian Pale Ale 

4. Vanilla planifolia 

5. China 

6. Pasta 

7. England 

8. Tea 

9. Haricot beans 

10. John Pemberton 

Round 4: Sport and Leisure 

1. Heptathlon 

2. Pizza 

3. Steph Houghton 

4. South Korea 

5. Mogadishu, Somalia 

6. Nintendo Switch 

7. 1889 

8. Rainbow Road  

9. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr 

10. Minecraft 

Round 5: General Knowledge 

1. Nonet 

2. Atlantic 

3. Knee 

4. Five 

5. Blue whale 

6. Reykjavík 

7. Mike Myers 

8. Sarkisian 

9. Joey 

10. Fear of clowns 

- How did you do? Let us know your scores in the comments

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