Playful pup gets head stuck in wine rack

A PLAYFUL puppy had to be rescued by firefighters after getting its head stuck in a wine rack.

Annie Davidson

A PLAYFUL puppy had to be rescued by firefighters after getting its head stuck in a wine rack.

Boisterous Edith, a Collie Spaniel cross, became trapped in the metal frame when her owner Janice Williams was out.

Mrs Williams said at first she feared her ten-week-old pet was dead when she arrived back at her home in Angel Road, Bramford.

Mrs Williams said: “I had taken my sons into town and dropped Thomas in the town and Timothy at Suffolk College for his induction.

“I must have been gone for about 45 minutes with the traffic and everything and when I got home I found our big wine rack which is usually standing in the corner was on the floor and her head was stuck in the circle.

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“She was making a rasping sound and was very quiet.”

Mrs Williams said she took the dog's collar off but could not free Edith, who is also known as Edie, from the wine rack.

“I thought there was nothing else for it but to ring the fire brigade and they were absolutely brilliant,” she said.

“They were here within six minutes and they used a cutter to take away part of the rack and free her - they were absolutely great.

“Edie sprung free straight away and jumped into my arms for a cuddle.”

The lucky pup was uninjured in her ordeal which happened just before noon yesterday and despite a subdued afternoon was soon back to her usual self.

Mrs Williams said she hoped the unusual rescue was not a sign of things to come for Edie who only joined the family two weeks ago.

“She is full of mischief already and I am thinking of taking her to dog agility classes to keep her occupied,” she added.

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