Review: Protein supplements

Female's hands holding scoop of chocolate protein powder and black plastic shaker to prepare sports

Find the right protein powder for you - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Don’t be fooled, protein supplements aren’t just for dedicated gym-goers who spend hours on end lifting heavy metal. If you enjoy working out, whether that be creating your own HIIT home circuits, pounding the pavements or casually attending a gym class, protein supplements could help you see the results you’re after, quicker.  

These convenient little drinks are an easy way to boost your daily intake of protein, which can promote muscle gain, recovery and performance. Typically consumed before or after working out to aid muscle repair, protein supplements can help you feel energised and curb any unwanted snack cravings. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will suit your workout needs. Whether you’re looking for value for money, protein content or convenience, we’ve got you covered.  

Form Performance Protein 

Form Performance Protein - Credit: Form Nutrition

Form, 520g, £26,
The Protein Performance range from Form is thick, smooth, and bursting with flavour. The three flavours, vanilla, chocolate peanut and tiramisu, provide truly delicious shakes, but can sometimes leave a slight aftertaste. They are the perfect alternative to a chocolate bar, as they’ll kick any sweet cravings, while fuelling you with energy. Although Form is the most expensive option reviewed, at £2 per portion, it provides the highest amount of protein: 30g per serving.

Chocolate Free Soul

Free Soul - Credit: Free Soul

Free Soul, 600g, £ 
Calling all females: Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend is a completely lean plant-based protein supplement created especially for women. Made with a mix of pea protein isolate and white hemp protein, and blended with key nutrients formulated for the nutritional needs for women, these shakes give an uplifting energy boost. The powder is slightly sweeter than the others reviewed and is available in four flavours: chocolate, vanilla, berry and salted caramel. Each 30g portion provides 20g of protein and 109 calories for £1.20. 

Awesome Vegan Protein in Chocolate Salted Caramel

Awesome Vegan Protein - Credit: Awesome Protein

Awesome Supplements, 1.2kg, £ 
I look forward to drinking these protein shakes all day. This Suffolk-based company has created a protein shake that can be consumed out of pleasure, rather than as a chore before or after working out. The thick yet smooth consistency, coupled with the powerful flavour, makes these shakes taste more like regular milkshakes, instead of a protein supplement. Each 30g portion contains 21.6g of protein and 109 calories, for just 70p - making it the cheapest option reviewed. Choose from four delicious flavours: chocolate salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate orange, and choc and nut. 

Grounded protein

Grounded protein - Credit: Grounded Protein

Grounded, 6 milkshakes for £ 
For those who don’t enjoy carting a clunky protein shaker around with them, Grounded may just be your saviour. These smooth and creamy plant shakes are packaged in chic milk-style cartons, which are completely sustainable. Priced at roughly £3.33 each, each Grounded shake provides 20g of protein and is available in chocolate and mint chocolate flavours. With these shakes, you definitely pay for the premium of having them pre-made, but the smooth, chocolate taste makes stretching your budget worthwhile.  

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