A Fighter’s Life part four: Winning a title in Thailand!

Joe Le Maire celebrates his Patong Stadium title belt win with the Sumalee team

Joe Le Maire celebrates his Patong Stadium title belt win with the Sumalee team - Credit: Archant

Suffolk’s Joe Le Maire is one of the best young Thai Boxers in England. For the next year, he’ll be living and fighting in Thailand, the home of the sport, and every month he’ll be writing a diary about his experiences. Here, in part four, he has some exciting title news!

Joe Le Maire with Sumalee Gym founder Lynne Miller

Joe Le Maire with Sumalee Gym founder Lynne Miller - Credit: Archant

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and new year!

I’ve had some exciting times since we last spoke - I am now the Patong Stadium flyweight title holder.

What does that mean, I hear you ask? Well, out here in Thailand, stadium titles are what it’s all about - each stadium has its various champions and they are considered the best fighters in that area.

The best fighters are those who hold the biggest stadium belts - the likes of Lumpinee Stadium, which is where I one day hope to fight, boast the most-revered fighters in the country.

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So this is a big step for me, one of my biggest-ever pro wins. It was hard too - I fought a 38-year-old Thai who’s had more than 100 fights.

I worked so hard in training - and I have to thank my trainers for pushing me so much, it was the most intense training camp I’ve ever had.

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We knew he was a good kicker, so the plan was for me to use my kicks too - the first two rounds were basically kick for kick.

But then towards the end of round two I realised my punches were getting through and he didn’t like them.

I came out firing in round three and stopped him with a solid right cross to the sternum - his kicks were bloody hard, so it was a good feeling!

I was absolutely buzzing after the fight and am so grateful to everyone here at the Sumalee Boxing Gym in Phuket - they got me ready and put me in this position.

My next fight looks like it will be on February 16, probably a defence of my title belt - and of course my aim is still to fight in Bangkok.

As for other news, my sponsorship at Sumalee expires in July and I think I’ll definitely be coming home, I want to have Christmas and New Year back in Suffolk this year!

As ever, I’m always looking out for sponsorship too - I need help with things like school fees, visas and food.

I’ve always got to thank my current sponsors too - SBG Nutriton, Sandee, Ultim8, and Heatrick Strength and Conditioning.

My nutrition for this last fight was bang on - I felt really good in training and was actually eating more, when I fight with a weigh-in in the future, using a sweat suit will not be necessary, I will water load to cut weight for a fight

And I still get to have one cheat meal a week - chicken and chips, happy days!

Ok, that’s it for this month - have a great few weeks and I’ll speak to you after my next fight in February!


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