Anthony Ogogo to retain some local links

Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo - Credit: Simon Finlay

DESPITE being the new face of a multi-million US-based boxing promotion, Anthony Ogogo insists he won’t lose his local roots.

The 24-year-old will split his time between the US and the UK as he tries to crack the middleweight division.

Ogogo is likely to venture outside Suffolk more often than not after revealing that long-term amateur coach John Cremin, from his boyhood club, Triple A, in Lowestoft, will not be involved in his training programme.

“I will do a little bit (in Lowestoft) now and again and I have got a lot of respect for John,” said Ogogo, who has yet to finalise who will be in his corner.

“He has helped me get to where I am since I was 12, driving me around the country, but eventually, in the next two or three years, I am going to be boxing the best fighters in the world, therefore I am going to need the best coaches in the world accessible to me.

“John has been with me since a young age and I am definitely going to take his advice, but my main trainer is going to be a highly-respected, professional coach.”

One coach who will be involved is Norwich-based Graham Everett.

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“I’ll be training with different guys in the US and UK, adding strings to my bow,” said Ogogo.

“I am going to work with Graham Everett, from Norwich, who has done a lot with a limited pool of boxers and limited ability.

“I will continue to spar in Sheffield too, to maintain my sharpness.

“Hopefully I will be working with someone I can trust completely by the end of the year.”

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