Bandits too sharp for Witches

IPSWICH Witches began their weekend tour in Scotland on Saturday night with a heavy defeat at Berwick.


Premier League

Berwick Bandits 62

Ipswich Witches 28

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IPSWICH Witches began their weekend tour in Scotland on Saturday night with a heavy defeat at Berwick.

The visitors from Suffolk were hit from the off in the first two heats by a rampant Bandit side, and things never got better.

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On a very wet track and with constant drizzle, it was a tough meeting for both sides to race in, but the home side adapted better to conditions.

Witches team boss Pete Simmons said: “They were better than us, simple as that. The track wasn’t nice and I think rider replacement was one of our best riders.

“Taylor Poole started well, but tailed off and Kevin Doolan at least finished with a win. But our away form is depressing and we need to address it.”

Berwick team boss Ian Rae said: “This was a superlative performance by our side against an excellent team who really fought hard and made for some excellent racing despite the dank conditions.

“We have to thank the Ipswich team and management for helping us getting a great meeting on despite the weather.”

The Witches got off to the poorest possible start, conceding 5-1s in both the opening heats.

On the big Berwick circuit, it was something they could have done without, but Poole gave the few visiting fans something to cheer about when he gated to victory in heat three, and with Lasse Bjerre winning heat four, there were hopes the Suffolk side had arrested the early slide.

But it wasn’t to be as Doolan trailed in third in heat five as the Witches found themselves 10 points behind.

Seb Alden passed Bjerre with a fine move in heat six before Bjerre, on a tactical ride, went from first to third in heat seven, past by Lee Complin, and then suffering engine problems on the run-in to the line, where Mitchell Davey took advantage.

Simmons used Poole as the Witches second tactical ride in heat eight. But although Poole and Jade Mudgway had a battle-royale for second place, it was no consolation the home made shaved the win and another 5-1 maximum to the Bandits meant it was curtains for the Witches.

Ironcially with the points now lost, Doolan suddenly sprung to life, with victories in heats 10 and 11, but Haines had another last place in heat 10, while Poole fell when in second place in the next.

Normal service was depressingly resumed from a visiting point of view in heat 13, with Doolan past by Complin and when the Bandits hit another maximum in the penultimate heat 14, it was four rides and no points for Scunthorpe guest Haines.

The home side smashed through the 60-point barrier in the final race to leave the Witches to lick their wounds.

Heat details

1 Edberg, Alden, Poole, Doolan 66.6 5-1

2 Davey, Mudgway, Mills, Hart (e/f) 67.5 10-2

3 Poole, Franc, Smith, Haines (f) no time 13-5

4 Bjerre, Complin, Mills, Mudgway (e/f) 67.2 15-9

5 Franc, Smith, Doolan, Poole 66.4 20-10

6 Alden, Bjerre, Edberg, Hart 66.9 24-12

7 Complin, Davey, Bjerre*, Haines 67.7 29-13

8 Edberg, Mudgway, Poole, Mills 67.2 34-14

9 Smith, Bjerre, Franc, Hart 67.1 38-16

10 Doolan, Alden, Edberg, Haines 67.2 41-19

11 Doolan, Complin, Davey, Poole (f) 67.0 44-22

12 Smith, Mills, Mudgway, Hart 68.0 48-24

13 Alden, Complin, Doolan, Bjerre 66.2 53-25

14 Franc, Davey, Mills, Haines 67.8 58-26

15 Alden, Doolan, Edberg, Bjerre 67.3 62-28

*tactical ride, points count double.


Berwick: S Alden 13+1, A Edberg 9+1, K Smith 9+2, J Franc 9, L Complin 9+1, M Davey 8+3, J Mudgway 5+2

Ipswich: K Doolan 10, T Poole 5, R/R, J Haines 0, L Bjerre 8, J Hart 0, C Mills 5

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