Barker top scores on his return to Witches but can’t stop them losing

Richie Worrall (white helmet), Ben Barker (red), Rene Bach (yellow) and Paco Castagna battle on the

Richie Worrall (white helmet), Ben Barker (red), Rene Bach (yellow) and Paco Castagna battle on the way to the first bend in heat seven of the Ipswich v Glasgow (Premier League) meeting at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, UK on 09 June 2016. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches 44 Glasgow Tigers 46

Ben Barker’s return to Foxhall ended in defeat for Ipswich Witches in an exciting clash with high-flying Glasgow Tigers.

The former Witches No.1 may have top-scored for his side on his first match back in home colours, but it was another former Witch, Richie Worrall who stole the show - and the points for the visitors.

Worrall netted 17 points, winning a last-heat decider as Glasgow came from four points down with four heats to go, to grab a narrow 46-44 victory.

It was gripping stuff throughout, but another defeat for the Witches is no good for the home promotion as they try desperately to get their charges up the league table.

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There is no lack of effort from this Witches team, but they keep falling short, rarely getting off to a flying start as they should on their own track.

It leaves plenty for the Witches still to do as they travel to Edinburgh tonight where they badly need a point or two.

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Edinburgh: Sam Masters, Erik Riss, Kevin Wolbert, Mark Riss, Ryan Fisher, Max Clegg, Dan Bewley.

Ipswich: Danny King, James Sarjeant, Nico Covatti, Morten Risager, Ben Barker, Paco Castagna, Oliver Greenwood

1 Lawson, Sarjeant, King, Ayres 58.0 3-3

2 Ayres, Garcia, Greenwood, Castagna 59.8 4-8

3 Covatti, Worrall, Risager, Bach 58.1 8-10

4 Barker, Summers, Ayres, Greenwood 58.0 11-13

5 Lawson, Risager, Covatti, Garcia 58.6 14-16

6 King, Sarjeant, Summers, Ayres 57.8 19-17

7 Worrall, Barker, Bach, Castagna 58.5 21-21

8 Worrall, Castagna, Greenwood, Garcia (f/x) 58.6 24-24

9 Covatti, Risager, Summers, Ayres (f/x) 58.5 29-25

10 Worrall, King, Bach, Sarjeant 58.5 31-29

11 Barker, Lawson, Castagna, Ayres 58.8 35-31

12 Worrall, Covatti, Garica, Castagna (e/f) 58.4 37-35

13 Lawson, Barker, Summers, King 58.8 39-39

14 Bach, Risager, Castagna, Ayres 58.5 42-42

15 Worrall, King, Lawson, Barker 58.4 44-46

Ipswich 0 pts. Glasgow 3 pts.

Ipswich: D King 8+1, J Sarjeant 4+1, N Covatti 9+1, M Risager 7+1, B Barker 10, P Castagna 4+1, O Greenwood 2+1

Glasgow: R Lawson 12, R/R, R Worrall 17, R Bach 5, A Summers 5, F Garcia 3+1, D Ayres 4+1.

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