Bikinis could be banished at Beach volleyball

FEMALE beach volleyball players will be given the chance to dress more conservatively this summer after the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) introduced a new dress code.

The new code caters for different countries’ cultural or religious beliefs and could see players wearing shorts and long sleeves rather than skimpy bikinis.

Beach volleyball will be held on Horse Guards Parade, near to the Houses of Parliament, and has seen the government already spend �26,000 on 410 tickets for the event, more than for athletics.

The FIVB insist they are not trying to shed the sports’ sexy image but FIVB communications director Richard Baker said it was important that players had a choice.

“The athletes have had a choice a full body suit or the bikini and we have now expanded that choice even further to cater for religious or cultural reasons,” he said.

“We are not trying to steer away from a particular image, or trying to steer away from the bikinis, we are just trying to expand that choice to incorporate more nations.

“The new rules will take effect from now and include the London Olympics.”

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The new rule permits shorts of a maximum length of 1.18 inches above the knee, and sleeved or sleeveless tops.