BRAMMER’S BIAS: Suffolk superstar Ed Sheeran should have a roll-up Framlingham Castle Bowls Club

Ed Sheeran. Picture: GREG WILLIAMS

Ed Sheeran. Picture: GREG WILLIAMS - Credit: Greg Williams

Ed Sheeran revealed his love for “The Castle on the Hill” in one of his most recent chart hits and he was, of course, talking about the spectacularly pretty Framlingham Castle.

Framlingham Castle Bowls Club

Framlingham Castle Bowls Club - Credit: Archant

It is a sight to behold, sitting proudly at the summit of the Suffolk town, the winding roads leading to its entrance creating increased intrigue with every stride.

Ed talks about the passage through his formative years and how even now, despite being a superstar, the Castle is a landmark that is still held dear to him.

One thing does perturb me though! It’s clear he never set foot on the bowling green there as there is no reference to Framlingham Castle Bowls Club in his lyrics!

The green sits in front of the imposing 12th century fortress in what is one of the most picturesque settings for a bowls green in Suffolk.

Sausage rolls were served at Framlingham Castle Bowls Club.

Sausage rolls were served at Framlingham Castle Bowls Club. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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The rinks aren’t bad either.

Dearly looked after by a committed, talented and friendly set of members, the green is smooth running, each rink offering one or two tricky lines that offers a good challenge to bowlers of all abilities.

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On Wednesday night, our team ended up losing by single figures to the home side, a big victory on one rink being cancelled out by a heavy defeat on the other.

After the game, we were then treated to a fine spread of food from the hosts who were very amiable. HP with our sausage rolls and jam-filled doughnuts. What more could you want?!

Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club's Chris Brammer

Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club's Chris Brammer

The next time Ed is back in his homeland, I’d definitely recommend he went for a roll-up.

You never know what might happen.

If he stuck at the game he could well end up the Framlingham’s “A-Team” and one thing is for sure, he certainly won’t find any “Small Bumps” in the green!

He’d certainly be made welcome in the clubhouse.

Finally, it seems as thought I need to brush up on my geography!

In my last column, a fortnight ago, I spoke about playing at Waldringfield Bowls Club, when infact, I should have said Westerfield.

I only realised my error on Thursday when one of our members asked if I needed a map of Suffolk!

I offer my sincere apologies.

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