Brilliant Fen Tigers retain National Trophy after beaten Cradley

Mildenhall Fen Tigers 49 Cradley Heathens 41

Mildenhall Fen Tigers won the National Trophy for the second successive season with a comprehensive 20-point victory across the two legs. The Fen Tigers won both legs to take their unbeaten run to 17 meetings.

The early part of today’s meeting saw the Suffolk club quickly extend their lead to 30 points as they looked like blowing the Heathens away.

It took to heat seven for the excellent Cradley guest Nathan Stoneman to claim the visitors first heat, from then on it was a much closer affair with Cradley gating well and keeping the Fen Tigers at bay, two 5-1’s saw them edge back into the meeting but the Fen Tigers always had too much in the tank.

Josh Bailey was withdrawn from the meeting and looks likely to miss the remainder of the season after being signed off for 28 days after suffering effects of his recent crash at Kent.

Following the meeting Kevin Jolly was pleased to have the first trophy of the season secured.

“I’m really pleased for the lads, they have worked so hard to get to where we are and fully deserve their success,” he said.

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“It is a shame that we have lost Josh for the remainder of the season, but after three concussions he needs to rest and make a full recovery from his recent crash before looking to come back.

“His health is everything and we will be supporting him in any way possible.

“We will now regroup and continue the chase for the KO Cup and the National League titles and with our fans supporting us all the way there is nothing we cannot achieve as a group.

“Big crowds and big atmospheres will continue to make Mildenhall a very difficult place to visit for away teams.”

Fen Tigers: Ben Morley 9+1 (4 rides), Jordan Jenkins 9 (5), Drew Kemp 9 (5), Ryan Kinsley 7+1 (4), Matt Marson 7+1 (5), Sam Bebee 6+2 (4) Josh Bailey 2 (3)

Cradley 41: Nathan Stoneman 14+2 (6 rides), Alfie Bowtell 10+1 (6), Jason Edwards 7 (5), Tom Brennan 6+1 (5), Richard Andrews 3+1 (5), James Chattin 1 (3) and R/R Ellis Perks

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