British champion Danny King has welcomed the news Coventry Bees will be back on track next year - albeit starting the season racing at Leicester.

Danny King

Danny King - Credit: Archant

British champion Danny King ‘confident’ Bees will soon be back at Brandon after agreeing to start at Leicester in 2017

And the 30-year-old has also boosted Bees’ fans hopes by telling them he is ‘confident’ Coventry will be back at Brandon sooner rather than later in 2017.

A deal was reached over the weekend that will see Coventry race on a temporary basis at Leicester’s Beaumont Park for the opening weeks of the season with the aim of moving back to Coventry during the campaign.

However, some Bees fans have posted on social media they feel this could be the end of Coventry racing at Brandon.

“Speedway will be back at Brandon, I’m confident of that,” King said.

“I’ve heard nothing to suggest any different, as far as I have been told, this is a temporary measure until Brandon is back up to speed.

“It’s been a nightmare to be honest for everyone involved with the club and I’m relieved we know we are going to the tapes because I’ve been getting a bit fed up with it all.”

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King, who is also racing for Ipswich in the Championship, doubling-up with the Suffolk club, is also pleased for his Bees team-mate James Sarjeant who, without a Championship club this season, was facing having no job at all if Coventry had not come to the tapes.

“I’m so very pleased for ‘Sarge’,” King said.

“At least that now means he has a job. I can’t believe no Championship side has come in for him.

“He was at Ipswich with us last season and did well and I know Chris Louis was disappointed he couldn’t fit him into the Witches side because of the points limit.”

Meanwhile, Coventry promoter Mick Horton has expressed his relief that the club will be able to take part in the SGB Premiership in 2017.

Horton said: “It is a relief to us all that we will be able to take to the track this season with our seven riders who have had to cope with so much uncertainty over the winter.”

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