Carl Froch versus George Groves is too close to call, says Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo - Credit: PA

He’s sparred with them both – and young Suffolk boxing star Anthony Ogogo says he can’t predict the winner of tomorrow’s night’s British superfight between Carl Froch and George Groves.

George Groves (left) and Carl Froch (right) meet at Wembley tonight

George Groves (left) and Carl Froch (right) meet at Wembley tonight - Credit: PA

Lowestoft middleweight Ogogo regularly trains with Froch at the latter’s base in Sheffield, and came through the English amateur ranks with Groves, whom he calls a “really good mate.”

He’ll be ringside tomorrow night as the pair look to settle their differences at Wembley – but says the fight is just too close to call.

“Carl is so big and strong,” Ogogo said of their sparring.

“He punches hard and he’s very physically strong – and he gets stronger as the rounds go on, as you start to wane.

“Some people say he’s not very technical but you don’t have 12 or 13 straight world title fights, as he has, without being very good technically and I can tell you he’s very underrated in that regard.

“There’s nobody tougher and more rugged in British boxing than Carl Froch.”

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Of Groves, Ogogo added: “Me and George are really good mates – I was at his wedding last year and we boxed together on the England team.

“He is a tremendous talent, always has been.

“I’m not surprised at all to see him doing so well and in such a massive fight.”

Ogogo, who remains unbeaten as a pro in six fights having stopped latest foe Jonel Tapia in three rounds in Las Vegas earlier this month, said he sparred hundreds of rounds with amateur room-mate Groves.

“George is very fast,” he explained. “I’m fast and, while his hands are probably not as fast as mine, he’s more explosive.

“Whereas I’ll throw five or six shots in a row, he throws ones and twos which are very explosive and they hurt you.

“George is tremendous, an all-round really good athlete.”

And, when asked to pick a winner of the fight, a rematch of Froch’s controversial ninth-round stoppage win last year, Ogogo said it was a 50/50 battle.

“Firstly, out of respect for both boxers I wouldn’t want to pick a winner,” he said.

“But secondly, I genuinely don’t know who will win.

“I think who learned the most from the first fight will win the second one.”

Regardless who has their hand raised in the centre of the Wembley ring tomorrow night, Ogogo said he’s convinced it will be a great fight – and one he can draw inspiration from.

“When I see where George is now, it motivates me a lot,” he said. “I see no reason why I can’t do that.

“I want to be someone like Ricky Hatton – he was really popular and could really sell tickets. That was because he’s a really nice guy and an exciting fighter. I want to be the same.

“Boxing is on a massive crest of a wave at the moment and I want to take on the mantle and be the face of British boxing.”

- Buy Monday’s EADT for more from Ogogo on his title aspirations – and the rival with whom he thinks one day he could have his own British superfight.

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