Chelmsford 1 Bromley & Beckenham 7

NE14hockey East Women’s League

Premier Division

CHELMSFORD travelled to Hawksbrook Lane to play second in the table Bromley & Beckenham. In the first 15 minutes of the match Chelmsford looked good soaking up the pressure from the home side. They started well passing round the opposition to get into a good position outside the attacking D, but they could not convert this early pressure into a goal.

The home team soon responded and Chelmsford found themselves defending a number of strikes at goal which were not converted thanks to keeper and player of the match, Abi Ashford. But Chelmsford could not maintain their defence and Bromley’s first goal came from an early shot at goal. This was followed only a couple of minutes later by a deflection off a cross and into the back of the net.

With five minutes left of the first half the home team added to their score with a quick break resulting in a reverse hit from the top of the D, which finished in the bottom corner of the goal.

As the second half started the home team went to a half court press, leaving Chelmsford unsure how to respond. With frustration setting in, the away team found themselves trying to force the ball through the press which only led to mistakes and loss of possession. With Bromley’s experienced and fast forward line their opportunities were not wasted and another two goals were scored by the home side.

Despite the score line the away team kept attacking the Bromley defence and they were rewarded with their first short corner of the match. A straight strike at goal was saved by the keeper but the rebound found Judith Duffin on the post who skilfully put it behind the keeper. This seemed to boost Chelmsford and made them more determined but an early tackle after a free hit meant they were down to 10 players, this gave Bromley the chance to keep the pressure on the Chelmsford defence and resulted in a goal. In the final five minutes Bromley put another ball into the D that was converted into their seventh of the match.

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After a disappointing result Chelmsford look to next weekend when they will meet Sevenoaks II for the second time this season, after a close first match they will hope for a better result and to record their second win of the season – noon push back at home.

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