Chris picks up deserved award for his tireless efforts at Felixstowe & Walton and the new clubhouse build

Left to right: Roy Gray, sponsor, Jan Garfield, Felixstowe Mayor, Chris Daynes, with certificate.

Left to right: Roy Gray, sponsor, Jan Garfield, Felixstowe Mayor, Chris Daynes, with certificate. - Credit: Archant

It’s always nice when you get recognition, whether you seek it or not.

The club’s facilities manager Chris Daynes has been almost ever present at the ground as the club’s representative throughout the build of the new clubhouse, taking up the various issues as they arose, and there have been many, sorting the problems with the builders and architect while also running the club on a daily basis.

Chris was also very involved in raising the original £70,000 which the various funding bodies required the club to find before they would put any cash into the project. The 92in92 where he and his brother Stuart visited all 92 league clubs in a 92hour period plus many, many more fund raising schemes that saw us get over the line and building work commence.

It was a huge plaudit for both Chris & the club that his hard work and effort, raising the funds and chasing grants has been recognised and rewarded at the Civic Awards ceremony held at Felixstowe Town Hall on Wednesday 3rd May, when the Mayor Jan Garfield presented Chris with ‘The Mayor’s Award for outstanding community service to the town of Felixstowe’. It was an honour richly deserved: Chris certainly deserves all the plaudits for his tireless efforts over the last 12 months.

On Monday evening, he was busy helping dismember the old fence in front of the clubhouse to open it up as a ‘Pitchside facility’, although he was wearing slightly different attire for that job.

The clubhouse itself, although not yet quite complete, will host its first event this week, and hopefully over the coming weeks the clubhouse will open up for those wishing to see what the club now has - a community club available to all!

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