Club facing expulsion from league

LEYTON FC, who currently sit bottom of Division One North, are facing expulsion from the Ryman League.

An Extraordinary General Meeting has been called for later this month when the club’s fate will be decided.

A statement issued by the Ryman League reads as follows:

“At their meeting last week the Board of Directors of the Ryman League received an email from Louise Sophocleous as a Director of Leyton FC confirming that she was withdrawing Leyton FC from the League.

The implication from the email was that this was with immediate effect but the Board were concerned at the fact that a wish was expressed to allow the youth team to remain in the Youth League and this could not therefore be considered to be a resignation.

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The club are currently under suspension from the League for failing to pay the second tranche of their subscription which was due on 1 December and the club failed to fulfil one match before that suspension was applied.

The Board therefore decided, having taken all matters into consideration, that Article 8 be applied and that an Extraordinary General Meeting be called for February 20, 2011 to put a Special Resolution to all member clubs that Leyton FC be expelled from the League. In accordance with that Article, the club remain in suspension until such time as the General Meeting takes place.

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The League do not propose to issue a further statement until after the General Meeting has been held.”

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