Contender for Bury Town job has references from Crystal Palace and West Ham United managers

Russell Ward

Russell Ward

One of the 11 applicants for the vacant Bury Town post is a former professional whose CV boasts references from Premier League managers Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis.

Blues chairman Russell Ward revealed the unnamed contender is one of three ex-professionals in a list that also includes current caretaker manager, Ben Chenery.

Town are on the search for a new boss after parting company with Richard Wilkins last week, following a tenure of 14 years at Ram Meadow.

A new manager is expected to be in place midway through this month and Ward has been encouraged by the interest in the job so far.

“I have had three ex-professionals apply for the job and without mentioning any names, one of the applicants has references from Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis,” said Ward.

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“Obviously he is quite well connected but there have also been applicants from lower down the leagues, including local managers, so the full spectrum really.”

Chenery is currently in charge of the team and will be responsible for player comings and goings, up until a new manager is announced, and Ward believes the former Cambridge and Luton defender has a great opportunity to prove himself.

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“Ben can do lots over the next couple of weeks to prove that he is the right person for the job,” Ward added.

“He is in charge of player recruitment at the moment, including re-signing players, and if, in a couple of weeks, he has managed to sign a lot of the club’s targets, he will have stood himself in good stead.”

Wilkins left the club with his head held high, having guided the west Suffolk club to two promotions and five trophies and Ward is keen for the new incumbent to follow his predecessor’s lead and be in the hot-seat long-term.

“We are looking for someone with experience although saying that, Richard Wilkins had none when he came to us,” explained Ward.

“Bearing in mind we are not going to be offering a job with a bottomless pit of money, the new applicant must be prepared to work within the budget set. We are not looking at appointing a manager for the short term and with Richard, I believe continuity came through in the end.”

Meanwhile, the Blues’ newly-formed Supporters Club was hard at work over the Bank Holiday, and made good progress on improving Ram Meadow for next season. The club house was gutted in preparation for a new ceiling and other improvements.

The work will continue throughout the summer with the aim of having the club house ready for early August.

The next working party is on June 1, and any help would be appreciated, from 10am onwards.

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