DANNY KING COLUMN: I’m a Lion, a Witch, now I just need a wardrobe!

Thumbs up from skipper Danny King after he had won heat six of the Ipswich V Sheffield (SGB Champion

Thumbs up from skipper Danny King after he had won heat six of the Ipswich V Sheffield (SGB Championship 1) meeting at Foxhall Stadium on Saturday. Photo: STEVE WALLER - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Well, so much for my quiet start to the season.

There I was a few weeks ago saying that I had just Ipswich to race for and that my calendar looked a little bare, and now I’m so busy I’m struggling to find time to fit my weekly column in!

No, only kidding, I always find time to speak to the fans. However, only a week or so into the new season and I have a busy schedule, mainly thanks to the fact I am now riding for Leicester in the Premiership, as well as the Witches in the Championship.

Since we talked last the Lions have come in for me and rather to my surprise I might add.

I thought all the teams were full, but Leicester have made a couple of late changes and I am now a Lion... as well as a Witch... suppose I just need the wardrobe!!

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But seriously, it’s a busy time for me and just the way I like it. Today was Leicester’s press and practice day, which gave me a chance to meet the rest of the Lions. Then tomorrow I’m at Foxhall for the Witches against Berwick.

Friday I’m riding for Leicester in the Premiership Best Pairs, with Kim Nilsson as my partner - at Somerset. Then it’s a drive back through the night, a few hours kip and the Witches go again at Berwick on Saturday night. Phew!

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It really has all been happening this week.

Among lots of good news, was the disappointing headline about Kyle Newman. His injury is a big blow to us and certainly for Kyle.

I spoke to him on the phone and you could sense his huge disappointment. And I don’t blame him.

There is nothing worse than being injured at any time during the year but especially after crashing in your first race of the season. I know Kyle was so looking forward to riding for the Witches this year - and he will.

Quite how long he will be out for remains to be seen but hopefully it won’t be long.

Kyle has a shoulder injury and as you can imagine they are very common in speedway. I have had a bad shoulder for years after damaging muscles in it a few seasons ago. Sometimes it is better to break a bone and let it heal, rather than have muscle and tendon problems.

With Kyle’s loss we welcome back James Sarjeant.

I like James and he was so unlucky not to get a starting place with the Witches this year. It’s a points game as we all know in speedway and James was a victim of it. But now he has a chance to show his worth. While we all want Kyle back asap, we all also want James to give Chris Louis a serious selection headache by scoring shedloads of points home and away.

That happened to me once, many years ago.

I came in to cover an injured rider and did so well that when the rider came back, I kept my place in the team and someone else made way.

That’s one way of keeping everyone on their toes I suppose.

Well, Saturday night was alright don’t you think?

It couldn’t have gone much better.

A huge crowd, a big win and yours truly kicked it off with a maximum as well.

I enjoyed my racing and the track was really good, with the new shape giving us more space to race and different lines to take.

I had a great race with Kyle Howarth in heat 15. We were shoulder to shoulder for almost the first three laps and I must admit it was a great race to be involved in.

Back in the pits we shook hands and I did say how superb it was to be able to race with a rider I knew would race too, but both giving each other room (although at times not much), to give it a go.

The team did superbly, especially as we had the bad news about Kyle before the start.

I was especially impressed with Danyon Hume, who looked so good out there.

He’s a real racer is Danyon. I recommended him to Chris Louis and Chris signed him as a club asset within a few laps of seeing him race!

Danyon just wants to race his bike - nothing else.

He’s come into the sport a little later than most. I know he is only 20, but he hasn’t been racing that long. However he has a great attitude.

So, it’s Berwick tomorrow in the knock-out cup.

Thanks for the great support on Saturday, be great to see you all again tonight!

Don’t forget to say hello, we are always happy to sign autographs.



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