DANNY KING COLUMN: Poor old Ritchie nearly has a heart attack as Connor and Danyon go hammer and tongs at each other!

Connor Mountain, left and Danyon Hume

Connor Mountain, left and Danyon Hume - Credit: Archant

There won’t be much time for eating Easter Eggs in the King household over the next couple of weeks.

Well, I say that, I’m sure my boys will have one or two, or five, but I won’t have time.

Which in some ways is a shame because I like Easter Eggs, but then again when you have 10 meetings in 11 days... Well, I’ll be happy just to grab anything to eat.

Yes, welcome to the British Champion’s world, which a month or so ago consisted of hardly any meetings at all after Coventry decided they would not be running, to now being so flat out, I don’t know what day of the week it is.

But would I have it any other way? No chance.

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This is how I like it and this is how most of us speedway riders like it - busy, busy, busy.

Easter is always hectic for most of us but I seem to be rather more busy that usual this holiday period.

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Here’s a quick resume of my 11 days ahead. Who I’m riding for is in capitals!

Tomorrow: Sheffield v IPSWICH

Good Friday: POOLE (guesting) v Somerset 11am

Good Friday: Somerset v POOLE (guesting) 7.30pm

Easter Saturday: IPSWICH v Peterborough

Easter Sunday: OFF

Easter Monday: Peterborough v IPSWICH

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Poole v COVENTRY

Thursday: Redcar v IPSWICH

Friday: Belle Vue v LEICESTER

Saturday: IPSWICH v Redcar

Sunday: Newcastle v IPSWICH


So, as you can see, the last thing I needed with all these meetings coming up was to blow an engine at Leicester last weekend.

But that’s what happened after I enjoyed a great meeting at Somerset last Friday as we pushed the Rebels all the way in the first leg of our KO Cup clash at the Oak Tree Arena.

I only dropped one point and me and Kim Nilsson got a couple of late 5-1s to keep us well in the hunt for the second leg this Saturday, which I miss as I’m, of course, riding for Ipswich.

Blown engines can cost a fair few thousands of pounds to put right, depending on the damage, so never much fun.

I rode for Coventry in a challenge meeting at Wolverhampton on Monday, a meeting that was very up and down for me, so it’s been a strange week really, with some real high and low points.

I’m looking forward to pulling on the Witches badge this week as we get back in action after a short break.

We are at Sheffield tomorrow, then have a double header over the Easter weekend with Peterborough.

As a team we have got to look for a good win at home on Saturday night against the Panthers and pick points up on our travels.

I’m very confident we can do this. We have decent records at both Sheffield and Peterborough, we have to be confident after our good start to the season.

There are 11 points up for grabs for us over this weekend and I want to see us get points in all three meetings.

I’ve been riding a couple of times with Rory Schlein this week, as he guested for Leicester and Coventry. Again, we had a good time, a good team man is Rory and great helping the younger riders.

Talking of the younger riders, me and Ritchie Hawkins went to Peterborough on Tuesday night to see the British U-21 semi-final.

Our main interest was of course to see how Connor Mountain and Danyon Hume got on, our two Witches reserves.

Well, we weren’t disappointed.

Connor was excellent all night, he so impressed me it was unreal. He looked so composed and fast out on what is a very fast track.

Danyon had a spill in his opening race, all a bit shaky. But he came back from that superbly and was brilliant in his last four rides.

What a future the pair of them have.

However, the two of them nearly put poor old Ritchie into an early grave when they met each other in their final rides.

Connor had already qualified for the final and Danyon was as good as there, despite his first race fall. But, oh no, the pair of them rode as though the world championship was up for grabs.

You should have seen them.

Out at the front, passing and re-passing, going over the finish line wheel to wheel. It was great racing to watch... for the neutral.

But poor old Ritchie isn’t neutral is he? He’s the Witches team boss!

Honestly, he was swearing and carrying on, ‘What are they doing?, What are they doing?’

He couldn’t look!!

But I loved it, great racing.

I know Ritchie was quite proud really and so was I. Good stuff from our young boys. If they keep their heads they are in for a great season.

So, time for me to start packing for road trip after road trip over the next week or so.

By the time we speak next week, hopefully I’m not too exhausted and better still, hopefully the Witches have 11 more points in the bag!

See you all at Foxhall Stadium on Saturday night and remember kids go free!



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