Better news for Witches fans... King has no break in arm

Danny King.

Danny King. - Credit: Picture: Stephen Waller

There is positive news for Ipswich Witches skipper Danny King as x-rays have revealed no break in his left arm following his crash last night at Foxhall.

King was caught by partner Michael Härtel in the opening heat of the Knockout Cup meeting against Lakeside, falling heavily and was subsequently withdrawn from the meeting. There appear to be no breaks at this early stage but the 2016 British champion has suffered soft tissue damage. King will return for further x-rays next week but it is hopeful that with physiotherapy he could return to the side at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Härtel has suffered a possible fracture to an old collarbone injury from the same incident. The German rode on Thursday night but will return to Germany for further check-ups with his doctor. He missed tonight’s second leg clash at Lakeside.

He is a doubt for the Witches trip to Newcastle on Sunday.

Nico Covatti is recovering well from his broken ribs in Italy and Promoter Chris Louis is hopeful that the Witches will be able to field a full side by the next home meeting at Foxhall against Berwick on May 24.

At Newcastle the Witches are still unsure who will guest for King at No.1.

The Diamonds went through a troublesome winter with question marks surrounding their future. After things were cleared up, the Diamonds set about building the team late in the day and things have not got any easier since the season has begun after Lewis Rose decided to take time out of the sport. That leaves the home side to use rider replacement whilst they search for a replacement. Ashley Morris was the man to watch and he is still the man in form. The reserve scored 12 at Foxhall as the Witches won 60-29 two weeks ago.

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Ipswich: 1. TBC 9.10 © 2. R/R for Nico Covatti 6.30 3. Cameron Heeps 6.68 4. Michael Härtel 5.20 TBC 5. Rory Schlein 8.80 6. Connor Mountain 3.66 7. Danyon Hume 4.00.

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