Danny proves to be the King of Foxhall marathon race

Winner Danny King is flanked by second placed Nico Covatti (left) and third placed Stefan Nielsen on

Winner Danny King is flanked by second placed Nico Covatti (left) and third placed Stefan Nielsen on the rostrum of the 16 Lap Classic meeting at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK on 24 September 2015. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches skipper Danny King was crowned the 2015 16-Lap Classic winner after an exciting meeting at Foxhall Stadium, with team-mate Nico Covatti second.

It was perhaps fitting the Witches two best riders of 2015 should bring down the curtain on the season on the Heath with a first and second placing.

And to make it a good night for the Witches, Stefan Nielsen was third overall.

Covatti led the 16-lap final from start to finish going off the front row. But it was King who took advantage of Kevin Doolan’s late misfortune to come through to clinch the tile after finishing third in the 16-lapper itself.

King, who admitted the marathon race wasn’t his favourite one of the season, was steady throughout, although it was Doolan who had the title in his sights with just two laps remaining before suffering engine problems.

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Scott Nicholls was hugely unlucky in the 16-lap final, laying down his bike on turn one to avoid a possible collision that never came.

It left the Ipswich-born Belle Vue star at the back but he kept going manfully, although out of contention.

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Qualifying heats

1 Wilkinson, Nicholls, Heeps, Castagna 58.8

2 Doolan, Covatti, Davies, Morris 59.3

3 King, Hansen, Nielsen, Hansen 58.2

4 King, Covatti, Wilkinson, Castagna 57.5

5 Hansen, Doolan, Morris, Heeps 58.2

6 Nicholls, Manzares, Nielsen, Davies 58.8

7 Wilkinson, King, Morris, Manzares 58.9

8 Nielsen, Heeps, Castagna, Covatti (f) 59.3

9 Nicholls, Doolan, Hansen, Davies (f) 59.0

10 Wilkinson, Doolan, Nielsen, Heeps 59.6

11 Manzares, Davies, Morris - 3 riders only 59.6

12 Nicholls, Covatti, King, Hansen 58.6

Six-lap consolation race: Heeps, Davies, Morris, Hume, 90.4

16-lap final: Covatti, Nielsen, King, Hansen,, Doolan, Nicholls, Wilkinson, Manzares. Time: 4mins 2.4secs

Danny King 21, Nico Covatti 20, Stefan Nielsen 18, Kevin Dooaln 17, Carl Wilkinson 16, Ken Hansen 14, Scott Nicholls 13, Gino Manzares 7, Cameron Heeps 3, Alex Davies 3, Ashley Morris 3, Paco Castagna 1, Danny Hume 0.

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