Diane Modahl believes GB drug cheats should be allowed Olympic chance

DIANE MODAHL is in favour of the decision to allow drug cheats to compete for Great Britain at this summer’s Olympic Games.

However, Modahl – a former Commonwealth champion – does not believe a two-year ban is a harsh enough punishment for athletes that test positive.

Modahl, who is a former 800m runner, was cleared of doping a year after testing positive for testosterone in 1994, insisted the British Olympic Association’s lifetime ban for drugs cheats didn’t protect athletes or their sport, as it was out of step with other Olympic associations.

Instead Modahl backed a four-year initial suspension and a ban from the next Olympics ahead of the announcement that will confirm the BOA have lost a court case to keep their lifetime ban for drugs cheats.

“If for example you agree, as I do, that once you have served your ban you should then be allowed to compete, that makes you come across as supporting cheats, but of course that is not the case,” Modahl said.

“All of us who love sport want those who cheat to receive the harshest of punishments.

“But I think where the BOA struggled and possible why they lost this ruling is because they didn’t actually have the support of everybody else and I think that’s what you need. I think unless they get the support of other Olympic Associations there is always going to be an inconsistency in the rules.

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“That doesn’t protect the sport and it certainly doesn’t protect the athletes.”

The CAS’s decision will make sprinter Dwain Chambers and cyclist David Millar, who were banned for doping offences, eligible for the London Olympics.

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