Doolan will be back at Foxhall on Thursday

FORMER Ipswich Witches skipper Kevin Doolan will be back in the Foxhall pits on Thursday.

FORMER Ipswich Witches skipper Kevin Doolan will be back in the Foxhall pits on Thursday.

But although it pains him to be there not racing, he will be in attendance to offer his support to the man who has replaced him in the ‘Sackers’ Witches side, Taylor Poole.

Youngster Poole has been out of the team since he broke his arm on the opening night of the season after a high-speed track crash with Jordan Frampton of Rye House.

And now with Poole ready to go, it’s Doolan – and his poor form – that has paid the price.

Not that Doolan is bitter, he’s too grown up for that, even when asked how he was feeling.

“I won’t run Ipswich down, no way,” he said.

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“And I’ll be in the pits on Thursday to speak to Taylor to make him realise that I understand the position he finds himself in. It is not his fault.

“He’s a young talent and I want him to know what has happened is just speedway.”

Meanwhile, Doolan admitted that although he knew his form wasn’t great, he didn’t feel he was under any pressure of being ousted.

“I didn’t see it coming,” he admitted.

“I can’t put my finger on exactly why things have gone the way they have for me this season. I’m disappointed because I like Ipswich, love the fans and I want to be back next season.

“I’ll re-group, don’t write me off.”

Doolan’s form has been somewhat erratic to say the least this season.

He started the year as the Witches No.1, before a re-declaration of the team after Poole and Morten Risager’s opening night crashes, saw him lose that race-jacket to Leigh Lanham.

But just two points at Leicester on Saturday night was the final straw for the Foxhall management and they moved to remove their skipper.

“Speedway isn’t just about riding the bike,” Doolan added.

“I have every confidence in my ability to ride a bike.

“The bottom line is we have eight Ipswich riders and seven team places.”

Director of Ipswich Speedway, Chris Louis, explained “It was a tough decision to make, releasing your captain and a rider of such likeable character as Kevin, but Taylor is fit and keen to get his season going.

“He has followed us around the country taking practice sessions at every opportunity and I know he is determined to make up the lost time.

“Kevin has got himself in a rut that every rider falls in to at some point in his career and I know he will be snapped up immediately and I just hope it will be enough for him to find his confidence and form quickly.

“Taylor’s return to fitness has been a long and frustrating wait but I am confident he is there now, and we have to look forward to pushing on and preparing for two cup semis, and the Premier League play-offs.”

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