Garnett on Golf: Dramatic Stenson Shield finish as Aldeburgh defeat Stowmarket

ALDEBURGH who won through to the quarter-finals of the Stenson Shield in a dramatic match at Stowmar

ALDEBURGH who won through to the quarter-finals of the Stenson Shield in a dramatic match at Stowmarket. Back (from left): Roger Taylor, James Ollington, James Reiss (captain), Will Wright. Front: Gregor Tait, Josh Robertson, Ian Kitson and Jack Levermore. Photograph: TONY GARNETT - Credit: Archant

Aldeburgh’s Will Wright won a dramatic Stenson Shield second round tie at Stowmarket at the 496-yard par-five first play-off hole, writes Tony Garnett.

STOWMARKET’S team who lost in a Stenson Shield play-off against Aldeburgh. Back row (from left): He

STOWMARKETS team who lost in a Stenson Shield play-off against Aldeburgh. Back row (from left): Henry Cutting (captain), Jack Forgan, Kevin Earp, Alex Bligh, Bryan Graham. Front: Andy Grogan, Ross Harvey, Matt Lockwood and John Jameson. Photograph: TONY GARNETT - Credit: Archant

Wright produced a couple of classy three-wood shots to land the ball in the centre of the green.

Stowmarket's Bryan Graham could not match the birdie so Aldeburgh go through to a home tie against Haverhill on July 27.

It needed Stowmarket's Andy Grogan to sink a 15-foot putt on the 18th green to secure a half with Jack Levermore which took the tie to sudden death.

Aldeburgh were well served by Gregor Tait, back from the United States, and Josh Robertson who both claimed maximum points.

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It was also a tense finish at Gorleston where Chris Duffy's home team beat Ipswich by a point.

The visitors had their noses in front at lunch but a resilient Gorleston took three and a half points from their final four singles to turn the tables.

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Woodbridge overcame a Newton Green team who seldom lose at home but tend to struggle on their travels. George Fricker overcame Jed Seeley in a clash of Suffolk first team county players.

Bury St Edmunds, the holders, beat local rivals Flempton.

A feature was Alfie Halil's win over another top Suffolk junior, Max Adams. Both play in the Henry Cooper Junior Masters at Nizels this week.

Bungay made progress but had a scare when Reegan Marshall, Mark Wilder and Kane Mayes won the top three singles for Fynn Valley.

Hintlesham proved too strong for an improving Thorpeness while Southwold found the going tough at Haverhill.

Stenson Shield

Second round

Woodbridge 8.5 Newton Green 3.5

Foursomes (Woodbridge names first): Tom Auchterlonie and Taylor Crisp beat Ian Woodhead and Mike Polley 2 and 1.

George Fricker and Harry Fricker beat Steve Wordley and Lewis Woodhead 5 and 4.

Tom Fowler and Toby Ayles beat James Cooper and Ben Tawell 5 and 4.

Phil Ashenden and Steve Whymark beat Jed Seeley and Max Hemson 8 and 7.

Singles: G Fricker beat Seeley 6 and 4; Auchterlonie lost to Hemson one down; Ayles beat Cooper 2 and 1; H Fricker lost to L Woodhead 4 and 2; Whymark beat I Woodhead one up; Fowler halved with Wordley; Crisp beat Tom King 8 and 7; Ashenden beat Tawell 6 and 4.

Bungay 8.5 Fynn Valley 3.5

Foursomes (Bungay names first): Liam Hansey and Sam Bingham beat Reegan Marshall and Paul Gray 5 and 3.

Nairn Black and Ollie Earl beat Gary Smythe and Traven Abbott 5 and 3.

Jacob Carver and Peter Revell beat Mark Wilder and Kane Mayes 4 and 3.

Peter Ogden and James Wright halved with Andy Southall and Leigh Meadows.

Singles: Hansey lost to Marshall one down; Black lost to Wilder 3 and 2; Bingham lost to Mayes 5 and 4; Carver beat Smythe 4 and 3; Earl beat Anthony Anslow 2 and 1; Revell beat Meadows one up; Ogden beat Abbott 3 and 2;Wright beat Southall 4 and 3.

Flempton 4 Bury St Edmunds 8

Foursomes (Flempton names first):

James Hurst and Mark Rea lost to Ben Coleman and Trevor Titcombe 2 and 1.

Alfie Halil and Sam Jensen lost to Max Adams and Sam Renville 7 and 6.

Ralph Evans and Jeremy Nunn beat Dan Smailes and Craig Nurse 7 and 6.

Myles Orton and Charles Sadler lost to Michael Gee and Andy Cunningham one down.

Singles: Halil beat Adams 3 and 2; Rea halved with Renville; Sadler beat Coleman 2 and 1; Hurst lost to Titcombe one down; Orton lost to Ben Aves 5 and 4; Murray Rose lost to Nurse 6 and 4; Jensen lost to Cunningham 4 and 2; Evans halved with Gee.

Stowmarket 6 Aldeburgh 6

Aldeburgh won at first at first play-off hole.

Foursomes (Stowmarket names first): Kevin Earp and Bryan Graham beat Will Wright and James Ollington 2 and 1.

Matt Lockwood and Andy Grogan beat James Reiss and Roger Taylor 4 and 3.

Jack Forgan and Ross Harvey lost to Gregor Tait and Jack Levermore 5 and 4.

Alex Bligh and John Jameson lost to Ian Kitson and Josh Robertson one down.

Singles: Earp lost to Wright 4 and 3; Forgan halved with Reiss; Graham beat Kitson 4 and 2; Bligh lost to Robertson 7 and 6; Grogan halved with Levermore; Taylor lost to Jameson 4 and 3; Ollington lost to Lockwood 4 and 3; Tait beat Issitt 4 and 3.

Play-off: Wright beat Graham at first extra hole.

Gorleston 6.5 Ipswich 5.5

Foursomes (Gorleston names first):

Chris Duffy and Danny Perring halved with Gavin Richards and Jordan Dymond.

John Maddock and Steve Crosby beat Chris Bye and Chris Fleming 4 and 2.

Jack Butcher and Brendan Gough lost to Ian Brown and Sean Gordon 3 and 2.

James Chadd and Matthew Alp lost to Jack Phillips and Sam Byford 4 and 3.

Singles: Perring beat Gordon 5 and 4; Crosby lost to Fleming one down; Maddock halved with Brown; Ben Leuty lost to Byford two down; Daniel Crosby beat Phillips two up; Gough halved with Bye; Butcher beat Richards 5 and 3; Duffy beat Dymond 3 and 2.

Diss 5 Felixstowe Ferry 7

Foursomes (Diss names first): Chris Bartrum and Paul Elliston lost to James Tyler and Greg Hills 4 and 3.

Darren Maskell and Archie Moore beat Billy McLeod and Steve Sayers one up.

Michael Closs and Charlie Stammers beat Mark Fosker and Will Pearce one up.

Charlie Taylor and Josh Driver lost to Jimmy Price and Adam Sheldrake 2 and 1.

Singles: Maskell beat Tyler 6 and 5; Moore lost to Hills 3 and 2; Stammers lost to McLeod 2 and 1; Driver halved with Fosker; Bartrum beat Price 6 and 5; Taylor lost to Pearce 5 and 4; Elliston halved with Sayers; Closs lost

to Sheldrake 2 and 1.

Thorpeness 3.5 Hintlesham 8.5

Foursomes (Thorpeness names first):

Ivan Fryer and Laurence Staff lost to Jack Cardy and Sam Debenham two down.

Sam Newson and Lewis Staff lost to Ben Stammers and Trevor Hellyer 3 and 1.

Steve Pipe and Sam May beat Jamie Jones and Adrian Meredith 3 and 1.

Mick Ford and Tony Mardon lost to Kevin Brooks and Simon Bearman two down.

Singles: Pipe lost to James Hellyer 2 and 1; Fryer lost to Cardy 2 and 1; Lewis Staff beat T Hellyer one up; Laurence Staff beat Meredith 4 and 2; May lost to Jones 4 and 3; Newson lost to Stammers 2 and 1; Ford lost to Debenham 4 and 2; Mardon halved with Bearman.

Haverhill 10.5 Southwold 1.5

Foursomes (Haverhill names first).

Andy Bareham and Jack Warwick beat Russell Palmer and Paul Booth 2 and 1.

Andy Fish and Andy Underwood beat Mark Langley and Jeremy Turner 6 and 4.

Harvey Bavester and Paul Bartlett halved with Joe Ford and Guy Maynard.

Lewis Whiting and David Spittle beat Alex Taylor and Lewis Hague 5 and 4.

Singles: Warwick beat Palmer 3 and 2; Whiting beat M Jordan 5 and 4; Bavester beat Turner 6 and 5; Spittle beat Ford 2 and 1; Underwood beat Booth 7 and 6; Bareham beat Langley 3 and 2; Bareham halved with Maynard; James Iron halved with Taylor.

Quarter-finals (on July 27): Felixstowe Ferry v Woodbridge, Hintlesham v Bungay, Bury St Edmunds v Gorleston, Aldeburgh v Haverhill.

The quarter-finals of the Hambro Cup and Tolly Cobbold Cup are on Sunday.

After beating Bury St Edmunds the Ufford Park players are keen to visit local rivals Woodbridge in the Hambro.

Hambro quarter-finals: Newton Green v Fynn Valley, Rushmere v Brett Vale, Stowmarket v Bungay, Woodbridge v Ufford Park.

Tolly Cobbold quarter-finals: Bury St Edmunds v Brett Vale, Haverhill v Thorpeness, Stowmarket v Kingfishers, Woodbridge v Gorleston.

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