Fans still catch up with Siggy despite call-off

Cameron Heeps

Cameron Heeps - Credit: Archant

Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witches were left frustrated after tonight’s meeting at Foxhall Heath against Plymouth Devils was called off.

Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witches were left frustrated after Thursday night’s meeting at Foxhall Heath against Plymouth Devils was called off.

Although the track was dry the rain kept persisting, despite earlier forecasts it was set to petter out by 5pm.

And when the rain still hadn’t stopped at 7pm, there was no alternative but to call the meeting off.

“The track was rideable but the rain wouldn’t stop, despite us being told all day it would soon clear up,” said Witches director of speedway Chris Louis.

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“It’s a big shame and I understand fans’ frustrations. But we desperatley wanted the meeting to go ahead.”

Indeed if the rain had stopped the meeting would certainly have gone ahead with the track looking in good shape.

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One disappointment was the fact the crowd could not be introduced to Dennis Sigalos, who was over from America especially to catch up with Witches fans.

The talented Californian, who rode for Ipswich in the early 1980s was still able to catch up with fans who had made it to Foxhall however. And he spent more than an hour signing pictures, jackets and programmes for fans who had turned out to see him. The weekend is far from over for the Witches however and they travel to Somerset tonight and then Glasgow on Sunday for two League meetings that could determine whether they just make the play-offs, or cement a top-two finish.

Somerset will be a tough nut to crack, led as they are by Jason Doyle and with Josh Grajczonek and Nick Morris in good form.

Meanwhile Ipswich’s Cameron Heeps was given a surprise when his mum Megan and two sisters turned up at Foxhall for the Plymouth meeting – and he had no idea they were coming!

Heeps was set to ride after recovering from a wrist injury. And he was as surprised as anyone at their arrival at Foxhall from Australia – a trip Chris and Julie Louis had helped organise – keeping it secret from Cameron however!

Tonight’s teams

Somerset: J Doyle, K Newman, N Morris, A Davies, J Grajczonek, S Lambert, S Nielsen.

Ipswich: B Barker, C Heeps, R Tungate, L Lanham, M Risager, A Ellis, R Hawkins.

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