Fat man not on a bicycle

The Psyclist with Dominic Castle

BEING off the bike with an injury is frustrating, especially at this time of the year when the sun is shining, the trees green and the first bugs of the year are rattling off the teeth.

Being off the bike with an injury is also fattening. In the three weeks since I tipped into a ditch and broke my wrist I appear to have put on at least two pounds.

I still have three more weeks in plaster, plus a week or two of physio to unstiffen the gimpy fin, so I’m in danger of having close to half a stone of extra blubber to cart around when I do get back in the saddle.

I did think about the turbo-trainer, but the slightest exertion makes me sweat like a fat horse and that would be bad news for the plaster.

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All I can do is eat less, which is a challenge for someone who could eat their own height in doughnuts, and walk more. I’m trudging in to work, about two and a bit miles downhill, and then uphill back home, but it doesn’t really seem like exercise.

THIS Saturday sees an exciting new circuit road race on the calendar at RAF Woodbridge.

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The VCR Woodbridge Criteriums are being held on Saturday April 23 and Saturday May 28 and has something for all levels.

Youngsters will be offered coaching, followed by racing, there will be races for junior and adult novices, 3rd and 4th category riders and elite, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cats.

The main circuit will be around four miles long (riders won’t just be piling up and down the main runway!) and will, of course be traffic-free. The fun starts at 10am and there will be entries available on the day.

The event is being run by VC Revolution with Ipswich BC and Stowmarket and District CC; more details at vcrevolution.co.uk or at britishcycling.org.uk

I received a press release from Canada this week about the oddest-looking saddle in the world. The ‘Spongy Wonder’ looks more like a pair of tri-bars than a seat, but the inventor claims to have sold thousands. Go to spongywonder.com if you must.

In last week’s Psyclist Stijn Devolder was incorrectly tipped as the winner of last weekend’s Amstel Gold race. It should, of course, have said Phillipe Gilbert. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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