Fuller Flavour: I don’t care which league we’re in, the only thing which matters is that we’re top!

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

The weekend closed with yours truly sitting on cloud nine, writes Karl Fuller. How much of that was to do with Town being top of the league and how much was for Ben Stokes’ exhilarating performance to keep England’s Ashes hopes alive, I’m not too sure!

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

There was a period when following our relegation from the Championship, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when it came to my favourite sporting teams. It seemed that whoever I followed was cursed and destined to always fail.

For so many of us, sport is a getaway from the trials and tribulations of everyday life - it's what we look forward to at the end of a working day or week. I felt I'd had enough with sport at the start of the summer until England won the Cricket World Cup.

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The Ashes win on Sunday strengthened my love for cricket even more, and this on the back of Town's 5-0 win at Bolton. Our critics will point to the fact that such a win came against such weak opposition. And that our place on top of the league is only in League One.

As supporters, other than offering support of course, none of us are in control of our destiny and if it's League One we currently find ourselves in, then it's winning games in League One that will make us happy. A win is a win and if it helps you to the summit of the league we're in, then more reason to feel good about things.

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I said last week that after our tricky start to the season, with three games against sides you'd expect to be there or thereabouts, the next three games would give us a better indication of how the season should unfold and so far, so good with two wins out of two.

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I'm a very superstitious person and believe a lot in fate. Somehow, I just knew we would beat AFC Wimbledon last Tuesday night. As also mentioned last week, we do well these days when I'm away, as I was last week.

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I'll take you back two years when we won 4-3 at Millwall on a Tuesday night. That night, I spent the evening in a lovely pub whilst away on a family holiday.

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd

Kane Vincent-Young moving forward at Bolton. Photo: Pagepix Ltd - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Last Tuesday, whilst on a family holiday again, I made a point of visiting the same pub whilst Town took on opposition once again from the capital in the hope that it would aid a win and one that might come courtesy of a last-minute winner as it had done at Millwall (through Jordan Spence).

On top of this, I was in a hot tub a year ago, when Kayden Jackson scored against Exeter in the League cup. As Tuesday's game entered its later stages, I was back from the pub and this time in a different hot tub and I was chatting away to my daughter who questioned if I expected us to lose - we were 1-0 down at this point.

Within moments, James Norwood equalised, and I calmly said to her that I reckoned on a last-minute winner from Kayden Jackson using the occurrences mentioned above as my line of thought. Hey presto, we all know what happened next!

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I was pleased to hear of three further signings. Kane Vincent-Young's deal was finally confirmed, and I believe that we have a good prospect on our books that should solve one of our troublesome full-back positions.

I know a couple of Colchester fans that were gutted to see him leave and more so because it was us that he joined.

Anthony Georgiou arrives from Tottenham and I have a friend who takes in a lot of Spurs' Under 23 games who tells me that we have got a very exciting player who should excel in League One. Georgiou had played in all five of Spurs' Champions Cup games in pre-season.

It was also a warm welcome back to Will Keane who if can stay injury free, I believe will be another asset in this league.

It is early days but to be top, with a very long injury list still and on the back of a few tricky games, we've had just the start we could have wished for.

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