Gallery: Torch Relay coincided with carnival in Newmarket for day of pure celebration

NEWMARKET welcomed the torch in style as the relay also coincided with the town’s annual carnival.

Mayor of Newmarket George Lambton said: “It was a fantastic day and it was a memorable event.”

He said the carnival had been really well-attended and people stayed on to see the torch.

Andy McGowan, 24, who is a manager at McDonald’s in Bury St Edmunds, carried the torch for the opening leg down Fordham Road.

He said: “To be honest until we [torchbearers] were on the bus and saw the crowds it was really surreal for everyone.”

He added: “It was a lifetime memory for me.”

Mr McGowan cared for his two disabled parents from the age of six which affected his schooling, yet he managed to graduate from Cambridge University with a law degree. He volunteers with a project for young carers in Cambridge, where he lives, and he is also involved in supporting young carers on a national level. He is a full-time manager at the McDonald’s in Bury town centre and is also involved with running the apprenticeship programme there.

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