Getting your clubs re-gripped is vital

HOW many times have you had the grips on your golf clubs changed?

HOW many times have you had the grips on your golf clubs changed?

Now there’s a question – and not very sexy I know.

Well, I can honestly say I’ve only had my clubs re-gripped once in about 18 years, but then again it allows me to have a ready-made excuse for any shoddy four-iron shots.

Joking apart though, that isn’t good enough and if I seriously want to keep my clubs in good nick, then I should be changing my grips every 18 months or so.

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So says Paul Connell, PGA professional at Hintlesham Hall Golf Club, just outside Ipswich and a man who knows his stuff.

I met up with Paul to talk about the need for good grips on clubs.

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Not only is he expert in the field of replacing grips, but he also repairs electric buggies too. His work ‘off the course’ being another cog to his life as a local pro.

“The best grips are nearly always black,” Paul says.

“Rubber has a lot of elasticity, like car tyres, they last longer too.

“Having the right grips is vital to the swing.

“If your grips are over-sized and you say, have a small glove, it will affect your swing and the way you hit the ball.

“If you are playing with a bit of arthritis however, over-sized grips could be of assistance.”

While golf grips may not be everyone’s idea of the glamour side of golf, they are a vital piece of golfing equipment.

Paul adds: “I start at �5 a club for a new grip, but for a premium set to cover 14 clubs, the price would be about �80. You can get budget grips which are a bit cheaper.”

So take a look at your golf club grips . . . do they need re-gripping?


YOU should clean your grips every three months at least. Use washing-up liquid and a toothbrush and gently rub them.

ALWAYS keep your clubs in the bag, don’t leave them lying around.

NEVER leave your clubs in the boot of your car. The drop in temperature isn’t good for the grip.

TOP pros like Lee Westwood change their grips probably three times a year.

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