Gilding leading Ipswich darts GP

DARTS: After five weeks of the 2010 Daniel-Green Ipswich Grand Prix, Andrew Gilding is topping the charts.

Entries have been higher than ever this year with around 70 players taking part each week.

The venue is Bridgeward Social Club, Austin Street, Ipswich with the Grand Final on Saturday August 14.

Weekly winners

Week 1: Kevin Harris (12 pts), runner-up Nicky Bloom (10), semi-finalists Scott Lawrie and Andrew Gilding (both 7).

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Week 2: Peter Wright, runner-up David Mayhew, semi-finalists Robbie Morling and Curtis Hammond.

Week 3: Nicky Bloom, runner-up Andrew Gilding, semi-finalists Peter Green and David Mayhew.

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Week 4: Peter Wright, runner-up Andrew Gilding, semi-finalists Robbie Morling and Wayne Hammond.

Week 5: Andrew Gilding, runner-up David Mayhew, semi-finalists Steffan Morling and Paul Wade.

Highest finish so far - 170 (Gilding).

Overall table

Gilding (41 pts), Mayhew (33), Wright (31), Bloom (30), Harris (26), Lawrie (25), Andy Honeyman, R Morling (both 18), Green (17), S Morling (16).

Week Six takes place on Tuesday July 6 - last registration 8.15pm.

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