Gino looking forward to a full-on season and no hiccups during the final few months

Gino Manzares looks relaxed as he stretches pre-meeting whilst doing his stretches.
Ipswich v Scunt

Gino Manzares looks relaxed as he stretches pre-meeting whilst doing his stretches. Ipswich v Scunthorpe (Play-offs) at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK on 25 September 2014. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches’ American star Gino Manzares is determined there will be no hiccups at the end of this season, as he returns to Foxhall for 2015.

The amiable Californian had a fantastic debut year in 2014 but went off the boil in the final month as a succession of injuries and fatigue set in.

However, he’s back with a bang this year, – assuming visa issues get sorted – and he can’t wait to get cracking.

“I really hope I can return to UK this season, I’m sure it will all be sorted soon,” said the 21-year-old.

“I was given my first chance last year and I think I had a decent first year. And I feel ready to improve.

“My goals for 2015 is to put another point on my average at Ipswich and stay constant all year long.

“I don’t want any hiccups at the end of the season.

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“The Witches will win silverware and I plan on progressing enough to be racing three leagues in 2016. I have my eyes on Poland.”

Manzares has identified Poland because he has already been signed up by Danish Club Outrup.

It’s a great opportunity for him in a Danish team squad that also includes Jason Doyle, Mads Korneliussen, Krzysztof Jablonski, Charlie Gjedde, Joonas Kylmakorpi and Max Fricke among others.

“I will be doing a bit with Region Varde Elitesport (Outrup) in Denmark this season,” Manzares said.

“I’ve always wanted to improve and my goal was to double up for 2015. But with new rules in England, I had to open up my eyes to the other possibilities.

“A lot of Danish teams have been in contact with me since last year. I thought it would be a great opportunity to progress.

“Ipswich will always be my number one priority though.”

The current visa situation is still ongoing with many promoters admitting it will go down to the wire to see whether Australian and American riders make the start of the season or not.

For Manzares it is very frustrating.

“This visa situation is a mess for a lot of us,” he said.

“I think it’s unfair and not right. It’s international speedway we are talking about.

“I’m very hopeful that things work out and trying to stay positive. But nothing’s set until my new visa arrives or not.”

Since returning to the US, Manzares has been working full-time in a warehouse to earn some money.

He only stopped last week and has begun full-time training ahead of the new season.

He is set to have a key part to play in the Witches story of 2015 and the Foxhall faithful will be hoping he is in Suffolk soon.

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