Harl Magpies IV 0 Norwich Drag III 0

Martin and Acock Norfolk Women's League

Division One

Magpies Ladies IV 0 Norwich Dragons III 0

MAGPIES welcomed Norwich for an early morning push-back, looking to bounce back after their first league defeat last week.

An extremely wet and windy day pushed the start time back, but luckily conditions improved so the match could go ahead. The opening moments saw possession continually shift as both sides fought to make their mark on the game. Magpies won several short corners, but could not convert, and Dragons were dangerous on the break, but the first half remained goalless.

Both sides came out for the second half feeling that the game was there for the taking but the teams were evenly matched, and still the breakthrough didn't come. Magpies' Laura Schultheiss on the forward line worked tirelessly starting several good plays but the final shot just wouldn't go in. Treacle Snelling and Hannah Booty at the back kept Dragons at bay, with Kristina Erith in goal making some last ditch saves to keep Magpies in it, and the final score was 0-0.

A fair result overall, both teams battling hard to get the all important goal, but it wasn't to be. Onwards and upwards for Magpies for next week, who must get back to winning ways.

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