Heeps ‘excited’ about return... MIKE BACON takes a look at each 2017 Witch

Witches skipper Danny King (right) pictured with Cameron Heeps

Witches skipper Danny King (right) pictured with Cameron Heeps - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Cameron Heeps admits he has never been more excited about a speedway season, as he is about 2017.

The 21-year-old Perth-based racer is currently back home, Down Under.

But you could sense the excitement in his voice as he talked about being back at Foxhall next season.

After a year away from Foxhall at Rye House, Heeps has made steady, if unspectacular progress in recent seasons.

He knows this could be a make or break year for him as a Witch – but he is clearly up for the challenge.

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“I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited as I am about coming back to Ipswich next year,” he said.

“But it’s now time I made it happen. I need to crack on with my career and going to Rye House last season was the right move for me.

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“To be back at Ipswich is great though and I really want to make it happen.”

Heeps comes into the Witches team on a 5.07 average and is likely to take the tricky No.2 position in the team.

A popular racer, he burst onto the scene at Mildenhall as a 15-year-old, but his career hasn’t taken off as he would have liked, something Heeps accepts.

“I think I have just expected things to happen,” he was honest to admit.

“This year though is an important one for me and I’m determined to give it a good shot.

“I’ve been down the gym every day with my dad – something I have never done before.

“I know it’s important and I know it’s what must be done for me to be ready for the new year.”

Heeps likes the look of the Ipswich team this season and has special praise for new Witch Kyle Newman.

“Kyle is a proper example of hard work,” Heeps said.

“He has really put it in over the past few seasons and it is paying off.

“It’s also nice to have Rory Schlein in the side.

“He’s a fellow Aussie of course and although I’ve never ridden with him, I’ve ridden against him a few times.”

Heeps will fly back into the UK in the New Year while he currently enjoys the Perth sunshine.

He’s popular with the Witches faithful, most of who will be pleased to see him back at Foxhall.

He knows it is time to kick on – and he is giving himself a good chance to do so.



Danny King

Country: England Age: 30

Average: 9.57

Takes up a huge chunk of the points limit of 40pts per side, but King is worth every penny.

The current British Champion, he is not only a heavy scorer, but has real pride in the Witch – and that makes him gold dust.



Country: Argentina Age: 28

Average: 7.49

All-action Foxhall pleaser, Covatti has many fans at Ipswich.

Amiable off-track but hugely exciting on it, he never knows when he is beaten. A little bit more consistency will be the order of the day for him in 2017.

Rory schlein

Country: Australia Age: 32

Average: 7.17

Has the talent to destroy that 7.17 average – and if he does it gives the Witches a strong heat leader trio.

Recovering well from shoulder and back injuries, Schlein is an experienced rider – ideal for this team.



Country: England Age: 24

Average: 6.31

Has never ridden for the Witches but has the potential to unlock their season in 2017.

Wanted by a host of clubs, he did wonders at Poole in the Elite League in 2016 – without doubt the Witches’ trump card.

Cameron HEEPS

Country: Australia

Age: 21

Average: 5.07

Back at Foxhall after a year away, Heeps knows he needs to up his game.

His talent on-track is not in question. If he gets it right and stays focussed, will be a central figure in the 2017 team.



Country: England

Age: 20

Average: 2.00

Came on leaps and bounds in 2016 and deservedly gets a Witches starting berth in 2017.

An Ipswich asset, Humes acts very professionally off-track and certainly has huge potential.


Country: England Age: 19

Average: 2.00

Suffered a broken back last season but is well on the way to recovery.

Made a couple of appearances before his injury for the Witches and did okay. It’s a big step up for him, but he showed he has the ability.

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