Here’s some advice . . . GET A GRIP

SO, where do you start when it comes to golf?

SO, where do you start when it comes to golf?

Buy a set of clubs? Join a club? Pay green fees and just play with your mates?

Or do you learn a few things first?

Well, I was told that the best thing to do before you worry about buying a set of clubs and spending too much money, is . . . have a golf lesson.

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My first golf lesson was with Johnny Johnson, who was then at Bucklesham Golf Range, in Ipswich. I was 18.

He only let me use my nine-iron, but spent ages concentrating on my grip.

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OK, I’ve never gone on to be Luke Donald, but I’ve always felt comfortable and that has been key to me enjoying the game.

Those couple of lessons were hugely important to me.

And having lessons is the advice Alex Lucas, professional at Waldringfield Golf Club, just outside Ipswich, would give.

I caught up with Alex this week – he’s been a pro since 1994 – and he knows the value of being taught by professionals.

Some will say, ‘of course he’s going to encourage us to take lessons, he earns money from teaching’.

Maybe. But how many single figure golfers do you think have had lessons? Exactly!

“The only expense you need to take up golf is the cost of a couple of lessons,” he said.

“Learning basics like the grip are fundamental to going on to enjoy golf.

“Just book a lesson and turn up. Don’t bring any clubs, don’t bring any balls, just dress accordingly.”

The golf grip is indeed one of the most important parts of golf, and it can be complex. There is only one good grip, but plenty of bad ones.

The reason a player slices or hooks can often be put down to the grip.

“You need to do things in stages in golf,” Alex continues.

“It’s no good gripping the club wrong, then telling everyone you go up the golf range three times a week to hit balls. Because if you are doing that, you are only practising doing something the wrong way!”

A lesson or two then could be well worth it – your local pro will be happy to assist.

At Waldringfield, a half-hour lesson with Alex is �19, which, as he puts it, “is about middle of the range” for pricing.

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