Here we go again, predictable Ipswich Town put the ‘H’ in homogenous

An unhappy Mick McCarthy at Oakwell during the second half. Nearby, is fitness trainer, Andy Liddle,

An unhappy Mick McCarthy at Oakwell during the second half. Nearby, is fitness trainer, Andy Liddle, with his head in his hands.

Homogeneous. In a word, that just about sums Ipswich Town up these days.

I was asked not so long ago what my favourite word was and this particular word is not one you hear very often.

But after using phrases such as Groundhog Day and deja vu too often this season to describe another grim performance, I thought that I would meet the challenge set of me to squeeze this word into a column at some point.

Same, regular, standard, consistent, identical, uniform are some of the alternative words a thesaurus will offer up to Ipswich Town at present.

It took 33 league games this season for us to finally match consecutive results and now we’ve had six in a row.

We’ve often said that the mood of our weekend is determined by the Ipswich result.

Win, and we’re obviously happy, lose, and some of us mope around in a sulk.

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But where does a draw leave us? Happy that we’ve not lost or unhappy that we’ve not won?

I suppose the context of the situation needs to be considered and ordinarily, salvaging a draw in the last minute of any game should be seen as good, but the only sentiment I can offer these days is ‘relief’ – nothing more, nothing less.

Every team goes through a blip during the season and we now know that ours occurred in February.

After so many months of tedium, how refreshing it was to see raised performances, producing decent results.

That had some of us fooled that maybe the start of better times ahead were upon us.

That ship has sailed now though and we are back to where we were, albeit, undefeated.

Therein lies a problem that looms larger game by game, and maybe we should seriously be looking over our shoulder if things continue in this vein for much longer.

Whilst our undefeated run grows game by game, our lack of victories mean that we are edging closer to those involved in a relegation fight.

When you consider that more than half of our remaining games are against sides below us, the situation is very much in our own destiny, whereby a couple of wins should see us across the finishing line.

A couple of defeats in the next couple of games might just make the situation very different. But then why am I even considering this notion?

We’re not losing games and therefore, remaining undefeated with draws for the rest of the season should be enough to hopefully stay up.

Last Tuesday night’s game against Wolves was an absolute bore with next to zero football to enthuse about, and Saturday was no better in any shape or form.

Barnsley should have been out of sight by the time Tom Lawrence rescued us yet again.

Again, where on earth would we be without him?

I don’t believe in there ever being such a thing as a one-man team but by being our top player in both goals and assists, he’s trying his best to make us such. Only Bartosz Bialkowski in goal is preventing this happening.

It’s a football miracle that Mick McCarthy still has a job as Manager at our club.

I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner but when you consider that some club up the road have just sacked the manager who took them up to the Premier League in the last two years, at a time when we’ve done very little, Mick has been very fortunate.

We know that Marcus Evans is very patient as proved both in the past and earlier this season when we went five games without a goal, in addition to some very mediocre performances.

I’m glad that we’re not a sacking club by the way, but I do expect my club to be more ambitious, have a plan and not to stagnate.

It’s all become too homogeneous under Mick I’m afraid.

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