Hunt set to try his luck in UFC and boxing

Fresh from winning his record-breaking ninth kickboxing world title, Marlon Hunt is set to get to grips with professional boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The Onehouse-based grappler has his eyes on a British boxiing title shot but also wants to try the brutal world of UFC having been approached by the organisation it owns, mixed-martial arts and kickboxing promotion, Strikeforce.

Hunt will make his boxing bow in December on either a show in Norwich or Colchester and is desperate to get a shot at some of the big-hitters in UFC, something that will come to fruition providing he impresses in Strikeforce.

“All the hard work is paying off and things are coming together nicely now,” said Hunt, who defeated number one contender Galore Bonfando last month to defend his UCF Middleweight world title.

“I am hoping to get a couple of boxing fights under my belt, hopefully in Norwich where (promoter) Mick Hennessey puts on a lot of his shows and I am also going to America after being approached by Strikeforce.

“They want to see what I am like out there (US). They know I am a good stand-up fighter but they want to see how I am on the floor.

“My main target is the 78-81kg range (middleweight) and I think I can do well out there. I have trained with Michael Bisping and Quentin “Action” Jackson when they have been preparing for fights and I have helped them with their stand-up technique and they have helped me with my floor technique.

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“I want to get involved with (UFC) as soon as possible, get in there quick have my fights and get out again because the injuries you can sustain in UFC can be a lot worse than in maybe boxing or kickboxing.

“As for the boxing, I have been sparring with English guys at British title level and I have smashed them all over the place so I am thinking higher than a British title.”

Hunt is set for a busy end to 2011 and he will challenge for the Welterweight K1 world title against the unbeaten Joe Hurn, in October, in Newcastle.

While winning a tenth world title appeals, the five-weight world champion knows there is not much left to achieve in the kickboxing world.

“The only thing I can do in kickboxing now is lose,” said Hunt.

“I have put a record out there and what I have done in kickboxing hopefully no one will ever beat.

“I want to have a shot at UFC and I have already challenged the likes of Alex Reid (Katie Price’s former boyfriend) and Tom Watson, who is the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) champion but they did not want to know.

“They don’t want to fight me becasue they know how good I am standing up and I want to be the next UK-based fighter to make it out there after Michael Bisping and Ian “The Machine” Freeman.”

Hunt will not be going to America to tread water either despite the UFC being a financially-attractive promotion.

“Anderson Silva is the main man at 78-81kg level and then you have Georges St-Pierre and they are two of the best fighters in UFC if not the workld, in any form of fighting sport,” said Hunt.

“I have sparred with Quentin Jackson who lost to Anderson and he reckons my stand-up fighting is better than his (Anderson’s).

“They (UFC/Strikeforce) want me over there because I don’t just hit and hope, which is the style for a lot of British fighters. I am very controlled and and I should bring another element to the event.

“I will have to have one or two top-contender fights so it will be hard, but I don’t like being given anyting for nothing.”

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