‘I never expected to get that far ahead - Katherine Rednall on final win

World Bowls Championships 2014 at the Potters Resort in Hopton.
Rebecca Field (red) v Katherine Redn

World Bowls Championships 2014 at the Potters Resort in Hopton. Rebecca Field (red) v Katherine Rednall (green). World Indoor Womens singles final. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Katherine Rednall said getting the right distance on the shorter lengths proved crucial in the second set.

Having won the first set 14-4 and leading 9-1 in the second, her opponent Rebecca Field wrested an end away from the 18-year-old and chose to roll a shorter length.

“I was a little apprehensive when Bex (Field) moved the mat forward as, in practice I had not been able to get my bowls to stick (to the jack),” said Rednall.

“But I knew if I could get one on the jack (with the score at 9-1) I knew I would be able to stick the rest down to cover the re-spots.”

Field was last year’s winner but had little answer to Rednall who has got better and better as the week at Potters has gone on.

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“I never expected to get that far ahead in the first set but the score was massive,” said Rednall.

“I thought and hoped the sets would be tighter, but I was really happy with my first bowl today and seem to find the weight.

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“It’s going to be different coming back as reigning champion next year. This year everyone expected Bex to do well and Alison (Merrien) who got to the final last year to do well.

“I am just so happy. It was a great achievement to get to the final but to win it is amazing.”

Rednall will be back in action today, after school, at the National Fours in Sudbury, before a trip to Lodden Vale at the weekend for the under-25 national championships.

“I have also got the international junior and senior events coming up,” said Rednall, who said she wasn’t prepared for the adulation that may be coming her way.

Asked if she had practiced her autograph, Rednall laughed, “No, I haven’t!

Meanwhile, Rednall’s dad John, a teacher at Bacton Middle School, said he wasn’t concerned that potential opponents would want to take his daughter’s scalp in games.

“The pressure at the top is huge but it becomes easier with time,” he said.

“She has caused a shock today and she did in the semis, beating the eight-time champion (Alison Merrien) and it’s only natural that people will want to take her scalp.

“But when she says she’s not nervous, she’s not.

“That’s not her being arrogant, she gets nervous for exams and driving tests, but when it comes to bowls she has that calm resistance under pressure.”

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