In-depth look at the promotion picture

Who will miss out on the play-offs?Portsmouth and Leicester City look virtually home and dry for the automatic promotion places to the Premiership, writes Tony Garnett.

Who will miss out on the play-offs?

Portsmouth and Leicester City look virtually home and dry for the automatic promotion places to the Premiership, writes Tony Garnett.

The tussle for the next four play-off places is still being keenly fought with Nottingham Forest, who have a tough-looking away programme, and Wolverhampton Wanderers looking the most likely to be caught by one of the chasing pack.

Portsmouth are so consistent that there looks to be no stopping them from taking the title, even if Ipswich Town can lower their colours at Portman Road on April 19.

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Sheffield United, despite the distraction of an FA Cup semi-final, seem resilient enough under manager Neil Warnock to collect the points they need.

Reading looked a smart footballing side at Portman Road on Tuesday night and have fixtures that should produce the harvest of points they need.

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Forest's away games are against Leicester City, Sheffield United, Ipswich Town and Reading before a trip to Rotherham on the final day.

Wolves' toughest remaining games are April visits to Nottingham Forest, Norwich City and Sheffield United.

Remaining games:


Played 38 Points 82


March: 29 Burnley.

April: 12 Sheffield Wednesday, 21 Reading, 26 Rotherham United.


March: 22 Preston.

April: 5 Walsall, 19 Ipswich Town.

May: 4 Bradford City.

Leicester City

Played 38 Points 77


March: 29 Nottingham Forest.

April: 5 Grimsby Town, 19 Brighton, 26 Norwich City.


March: 22 Coventry City.

April: 12 Rotherham Utd, 21 Sheffield Utd,

May: 4 Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Sheffield United

Played 36 Points 65


March: 22 Derby County, 25 Gillingham.

April: 15 Nottingham Forest, 21 Leicester City, 26 Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The match with Bradford City is yet to be arranged.


March: 29 Wimbledon.

April: 5 Crystal Palace, 19 Preston North End,

May: 4 Watford.


Played 38 Points 64


March: 29 Preston North End.

April: 5 Brighton, 19 Nottingham Forest, 26 Grimsby Town.


March: 22 Bradford City.

April: 12 Watford, 21 Portsmouth.

May: 4 Stoke City.

Nottingham Forest

Played 37 Points 62


March: 22 Norwich City.

April: 12 Wolverhampton, 21 Burnley, 26 Millwall.


March: 29 Leicester City.

April: 5 Ipswich Town, 15 Sheffield United, 19 Reading,

May: 4 Rotherham United.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Played 38 Points 60


March: 22 Gillingham.

April: 5 Rotherham United, 19 Millwall.

May: 4 Leicester City.


March: 29 Grimsby Town.

April: 12 Nottingham Forest, 21 Norwich City, 26 Sheffield United.

Ipswich Town

Played 38 Points 57


March: 22 Brighton.

April: 5 Nottingham Forest, 19 Portsmouth, 26 Wimbledon.


March 29 Gillingham.

April: 12 Coventry City, 21 Rotherham United.

May: 4 Derby County.

Norwich City

Played 37 Points 55


March: 25 Wimbledon, 29 Bradford City.

April: 12 Burnley, 21 Wolverhampton.

May 4: Preston.


March: 22 Nottingham Forest.

April: 5 Derby County, 19 Walsall, 26 Leicester City.

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