Ipswich Basketball Club are licensed to thrill

Luke Mascall-Wright in high-flying action

Luke Mascall-Wright in high-flying action - Credit: Archant

If you’re a sports fan and you want to be entertained, get yourself to an Ipswich Basketball Club game this season.

Young Caleb Fuller is a serious talent

Young Caleb Fuller is a serious talent - Credit: Archant

That’s the message from trail-blazing coach Nick Drane as he prepares to lead his side on another push for promotion to the top basketball league in the country.

After finishing fifth in Division Two last season, Drane’s squad now boasts a tantalising array of thrilling talent.

High-flyer Luke Mascall-Wright is back from junior college in the States, to join an exciting crop of young players including Caleb Fuller, Joshua Apple and Rory Winter.

Add them to former pros Tom Sadler and Eddie Ferreira, plus 7-foot centre Leigh Greenan, back after surgery, and you’ve got a recipe for thrills aplenty at Copleston.

Veteran Eddie Ferreira holds Ipswich together

Veteran Eddie Ferreira holds Ipswich together - Credit: Archant

Drane said: “From a spectator standpoint, even if you’re not a basketball fan, seeing Leigh Greenan is quite a thing – seeing someone that big who moves like he does is not an every day sight!

“You’ve got some freakishly big men who are charging up and down the court, smashing into each other and really battling. “That’s interesting, if you’re a sports fan.

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“Then you talk about the young athletes, they jump so damn high and run so damn fast that it’s frightening. They are truly spectacular athletes.

“Then you talk about some of the best dunkers in the world and I’m serious, Luke and Caleb play above the rim. It’s like watching highlights on TV.

Charismatic Daniel Caluico

Charismatic Daniel Caluico - Credit: Archant

“They’re not the complete players yet, they’re getting there, but if you just want to come and be entertained by raw physical talent then that’s something really quite spectacular.

“And then you’ve got the two pro veterans pulling the strings and running the show.

“If you like sports, you have to appreciate that. I do think we’ll be very entertaining this year.”

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