Ipswich motocross star Jake Nicholls quits GP racing after 10 years – but he’ll still be riding in Britain

Jake Nicholls - quitting Grand Prix racing

Jake Nicholls - quitting Grand Prix racing - Credit: Archant

Ipswich motocross star Jake Nicholls is ending his involvement in Grand Prix racing.

Injured MX1 star Jake Nicholls, from Ipswich, signs shirts for his many fans at Blaxhall at the week

Injured MX1 star Jake Nicholls, from Ipswich, signs shirts for his many fans at Blaxhall at the weekend. Nicholls is quitting GP racing and concentrating on riding in Britain next year. His British fans will be pleased with that. PHOTOS: RICK BLYTH - Credit: Archant

The 27-year-old who has been on the GP circuit for 10 seasons, flying all around the world in pursuit of world glory, is quitting GPs after another serious injury has dampened his season.

Nicholls dislocated his hip in the Italian GP at Trentino in April and has decided enough is enough with all the travelling. He will still concentrate on riding in Britain.

“I had a big set back in the middle of April, where without crashing I dislocated my hip, he said.

My mind was a mess at the time of the crash but once I was stabilised that evening, I said to my mum who was at my bedside, that I’m done with racing GP’s.

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“I always dreamed and believed that one day I could be a world champion. The hardest part of this decision is giving up on that dream, something I’ve always prided myself on not doing.”

Nicholls moved to Belgium for three seasons as he concentrated on his world title aspirations but moved back to England in 2014, practicing on a track he has at home in Suffolk.

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“A big part of my career was the move to Belgium, some people saw it as a sacrifice, leaving a nice home, family and a perfect practice track behind, I never saw it like that,” he said.

“But after signing with a British team for 2014 I was determined to prove that I could be just as good if not better in GP’s by living at home and practicing on one of the best tracks in the world at my parents house.

“But you cant be competitive in GP’s unless you’re based in mainland Europe. And I’m not prepared to do that anymore. I’ve become heavily involved in my father’s business since I’ve been injured which ultimately is my future and I’m excited about it.

“I love racing and I’m only 27. Right now I’m talking to some teams to race in GB only and concentrate on winning the British titles, which will also allow me to stay involved in the business during the week, and mainly to enjoy my racing again.”

One of the most popular racers on the circuit, Nicholls will be missed by many in the Grand Prix series.

But his British fans will still get to see plenty of him – and few would put it past him to enjoy more success in the future.

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