ACADEMY DEBATE: Ipswich wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly – supporters chair

THE chairman of the official Ipswich Town Supporters Club has predicted a set of “different reactions” to the news the club will not be applying for top-level academy status.

After Town chief executive Simon Clegg today announced that the Blues would be looking to run a Category Two youth programme, supporters chair Liz Edwards believes fans need the full details of the decision before making a judgement.

She explained: “From discussions I have had with the club, I know that they have been looking into this in detail and will not have taken any decision lightly.

“There will be many different reactions from fans to the decision some as a result of not having full details of the new rules.”

Edwards believes the fact that only a handful of clubs will be applying for Category One status showed that it wasn’t for everyone.

She added: “I think it is important to understand the full requirements for the various categories and the rationale behind the club’s decision.

“I have said before that it is my understanding that only a handful of Championship clubs have been exploring the possibility of Category 1 and that in the end fewer than 20 clubs are likely to make the financial commitment.

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“Ipswich Town have said that they will share a full explanation with the Supporters Club once the decision has been made and it would be wrong to comment further until we have this.”