Here's what one of Town's new owners thinks about the European Super League

Berke Bakay, one of Ipswich Town's new owners, alongside Didier Drogba. Photo: @BerkeBakay, Twitter

Ipswich Town' owner Berke Bakay, left, has hit out at plans for a European Super League - Credit: @BerkeBakay, Twitter

One of Ipswich Town's new owners has called the controversial European Super League 'total nonsense' - and said it's 'driven by greed.'

Plans for the new competition were revealed on Sunday night, with England’s ‘big six’ being joined by both Milan clubs, Juventus, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona to form and govern a new closed-shop midweek competition for Europe’s biggest clubs. 

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham have all supported the birth of the new league, which aims to usurp the Champions League and means Europe’s leading clubs would never miss out on games against each other. 

But Berke Bakay, one of the 'Three Lions' - along with Brett Johnson and Mark Detmer - who form part of Gamechanger, Town's new owners, has slammed the idea in a tweet.

He wrote: "This is a massive disservice to global fans of football and is driven by greed.

"If it goes through as planned (which I do not believe it will) it will cause significant damage to the beautiful game.

"I think the founding members are underestimating the power of their own fanbase, the global fanbase of football and the power of UEFA and FIFA.

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"Competition integrity is the cornerstone of football and eliminating consequences of relegation and promotion will be one of the worst outcomes for the fans and for football itself.

The men involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover

The four Americans involved in Ipswich Town Football Club's takeover; Berke Bakay (top left), Mark Detmer (top middle), Brett Johnson (far right) and Edward Schwartz (bottom middle). - Credit: NA

"Plus, who wants to see the same teams playing over and over again? Total nonsense!

"Football clubs belong to the fans and I am hopeful that the global fanbase will hold these clubs accountable."

Fellow Town owner Johnson shared the tweet, with the words "Can't say it any better than below."

There has been a tidal wave of criticism of the plans since Sunday, much of it from the fans of the clubs involved.

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