Blues face fans' backlash

FRUSTRATION by fans at Ipswich Town's form this season has led to a backlash over the team's performances.

FRUSTRATION by fans at Ipswich Town's form this season has led to a backlash over the team's performances.

Below are the letters and e-mails which we have received since Saturday's 2-1 home defeat by Cardiff. The defeat has left the Blues in 12th place in the Championship at the half-way point of a season which started so optimistically.


Marcus Evans was the best thing to happen to us, but sadly I don't think our manager is up to the job.

If the old adage is that you do not mix business with pleasure is true then Jim Magilton needs to go.

The excuses are becoming laughable.

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Ipswich fans are 100% behind the team and the owners.

Sadly the same cannot be said of the manager.

Gerry Warren

Trafalgar Road



I have just returned from yet another below par performance from Ipswich Town Football Club.

I just have to vent my anger. Please Mr Evans, act now before our season is lost.

Please install a new manager before the January transfer window opens.

Sorry Jim, you were a great playing servant to the club, but I believe the job at this time is beyond you.

Look what money has been spent and what progress has been made. With the exception of Walters and now possibly Ambrose, who in my opinion has to up his game to earn a transfer, no signings are playing better than the players we had last year.

The final straw for me is the statement by Jim Magilton in Saturday's EADT that he has never made a bad signing.

If you don't think you've made any in the transfer market then I don't think your learning at all.

As for team selection, tactics, player motivation and substitutions, well Jim, you never make mistakes there either do you?

I'm sick to death of the excuses and the Irish connection at ITFC.

Only last week we read Jim was looking at an Irish midfielder. Now they go to Ireland for a Xmas bash.

Get someone like Alan Curbishley in fast Mr Evans.

I would like to thank you for taking on Ipswich, a club I love dearly, but at the moment I feel it is a complete nightmare under this current regime.

P.G. Knott

Top Road


Nr Bury St. Edmunds


What on earth are we coming to? Half-way through the season, and still no settled side that can pass the ball to each other.

I feel Saturday was another disgrace.

In almost 50 years of following Ipswich Town, and a lot of travelling when I was living in Hertfordshire, I am rapidly losing interest.

Will I renew my season ticket? I feel I will not.

Why on earth have we got young, good, players either on loan and "chomping at the bit" to play in the first team? Liam Trotter and Jordon Rhodes, to name two.

The team we had last season were gelling nicely and I am quite sure they would have put on a much better display than this present team are showing.

Ipswich Town, these days, seem to train the lads up to a good standard, only for some other club to benefit.

Age should not come into it. If they are good enough, they are old enough. The top teams give the boys a chance.

Val Sturges



Once again we turn up in our thousands and watch in the freezing cold weather conditions another dismal performance.

Who are we to blame? Jim for taking the club as far as he can, or Marcus Evans? It also looks like we are going to change our club crest and add a shamrock because Jim cannot attract anyone other than those of Irish parentage.

If Ipswich Town want to get 15,000 plus season ticket holders for the next season, act now and bring in a new face at the helm.

A new manager may be able to rescue what is left of a desperate season.

The likes of Sir Bobby Robson and George Burley would have made better use of the youth policy we have in system.

How must the likes of Trotter, Clarke, Supple, Smith and Rhodes feel being pushed out on loan while in my opinion Magilton brings in players no better than the previous year's squad?

Paul Peachey



When I didn't think that I could get more angry at the current plight of ITFC, I see that the players are going away for a Christmas break, not that I feel it is deserved in the slightest.

Those players should be on the training ground, putting in the extra hours to make sure we can turn this recent dismal run around.

Zach Ward