Bryan Klug reveals his Ipswich Town academy wish-list

Bryan Klug

Bryan Klug

Bryan Klug has outlined the requirements Town would need to fulfil to become a Category One club and revealed owner Marcus Evans is all too aware of the potential expenditure.

Becoming a Category One academy would see Town’s young teams being provided with stiffer opposition, therefore hopefully raising the standard of player, and receive extra coaching hours from more staff.

A move to Category One would give the club access to nationwide recruitment, enabling them to challenge the likes of Norwich City and West Ham, as well as access to international festivals and tournaments.

A move to the Under-21 top-tier, funded by the Premier League, would follow and would make the club more desirable to up-and-coming talent.

“In terms of the classroom situation, we have got two smashing ones already but we need another one, as the boys will be spending more time here (studying),” said Klug.

“There would be more pressure on us in terms of dressing rooms and coming up with a timetable that works and we need to look at physiotherapy rooms, as it’s not right to be have boys of 11 or 12 sharing a room with first-team players.

“There is going to have to be significant investment to make the facilities not state-of-the-art, but slightly better than they are now.”

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He added: “Aside from that, the training ground we have is a shining example (of what is expected) and very much on a par with the majority of clubs in the Premier League.

“It’s fit for purpose but if you are asking for a wish list, we do need a full-size 4G pitch and more floodlit grass pitches.

“We are pretty blessed with the facilities we have here though.

“You are talking a lot of money on that wish list and the budget for that, as well as simply complying with the (Category One) regulations, will come out of Marcus’ (Evans) pocket, and his priority at the club will always be the first team.”

Town want to get under way with their audit as soon as possible but even if they were to be awarded Category One status, it wouldn’t come into effect straight away.

“You can ask for an audit as soon as possible,” said the academy supremo.

“It won’t be this season so we won’t be in the programme next season but we want to be ready for the audit by December (this year) or January (2014).

“I would like to start operating in that (Category One) manner a month or two leading up to the audit.”

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