Delaney could have suffered severe muscle damage

IPSWICH TOWN: Damien Delaney could have suffered severe muscle damage if he had not received expert early treatment when he suffered a blood clot in his leg.

Dave Williams, who was physio at Portman Road for a number of years and is now a partner in Sportsmed East, confirmed: “With a blood clot you run the risk of serious muscle damage.

“Blood and fluid builds up and there is nowhere for it to go. Pressure on the muscles becomes intense.

“Dead legs are common in football but it is only rare when the whack hits the wrong spot that it can develop into a blood clot.

“When it does happen it is important that the player concerned gets quick and effective treatment, and this is obviously what happened in Damien’s case.”

If Delaney had suffered muscle damage his career could well have been over, but after undergoing two operations he is set to make a return to the game in three months.

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