Does Mick McCarthy know something we don’t about creativity - or lack of it?

David McGoldrick shoots during the first half of the Ipswich Town v Birmingham City game on Saturday

David McGoldrick shoots during the first half of the Ipswich Town v Birmingham City game on Saturday. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Am I missing something blindingly obvious? Or am I just thick? (You don’t have to provide an answer to that last one), says Ipswich Town columnist Northstander.

Last Thursday, Mick McCarthy talked passionately about how much difference the fans could make in pushing the team over the line in the fight to avoid dropping into the third tier for the first time in 60 years. Quite right, Mick, we thought. Let’s turn Portman Road into a cauldron to frighten the living daylights out of Birmingham and Wigan, we thought.

Then, less than an hour before kick off, the balloon was well and truly popped when the Town team was announced. The name which leapt out was that of Jonathan Douglas.

We all hate discussing individuals and no-one has anything personal against “Dougie.’’ It’s what his inclusion represents that’s the problem.

With Skuse and Douglas lining up together in central midfield, the heart of the team is devoid of any creativity whatsoever.

So, by kick-off time, some supporters were already pretty jarred off, instead of really being up for it.

Of course, yet another flat, dull game didn’t help matters either. After we went behind, Marcus Evans and Mick McCarthy were targeted by chanting fans showing their disgust. It’s horrible to hear, but is understandable after this appalling season.

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The only positive from Saturday was that we didn’t drop any closer to the mire. At the risk of putting a jinx on things, I don’t think we’ll go down – Rotherham have gone and Wigan are as good as down. But it could easily be our worst campaign since 1957. I hear on the grapevine that season ticket sales have started, ahem, rather sluggishly. No surprise there.

There are people – like me – who will renew, come what may. But there are lots of others who will wait to see what unfolds before committing their hard-earned cash.

They want to know: which division will we be in? Who will be our manager? Will the owner spend enough cash to make us competitive? Three huge questions, the answers to which will shape the immediate future of our club.

Meanwhile, let’s just get this miserable season over and done with.

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