Don't over indulge warns Keane

ROY Keane has warned his players not to over indulge during the close season as they can expect a tough regime when they return.

Derek Davis

By Derek Davis

ROY Keane has warned his players not to over indulge during the close season as they can expect a tough regime when they return.

The Blues boss has given his players time off until the beginning of July when they will come back to a series of fitness tests, a training camp, possibly a session with the Parachute Regiment in Colchester and pre-season friendlies.

Town yesterday added Charlton to the list with a trip to the Valley on Tuesday, July 28, 7.45pm kick off following matches at Brentford and Southend and a home game with Colchester United on July 25 as part of Fabian Wilnis' testimonial

While Keane accepts most players take it easy on their holidays he expects some won't be as disciplined as others during their break and will suffer the consequences even if the training is more scientific than in the past.

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He said: “It will be painful for some of them because there will be running involved, obviously, particularly when they get back. We will build it up slowly though because you have to be careful with injuries in the first five or six weeks.

“One or two will probably go overboard in the summer but they will regret it soon enough when they come back.

“The game has changed now though in the way players come back to pre-season.

“It's not like it was when I was a young player. They don't come back a stone overweight and then run up a hill for 10 miles.”

Details of any friendlies abroad have yet to be finalised and the Blues could jet to the continent for a few days' intensive training before fitting those games in between the more local fixtures.

Keane said: “Ideally I'd like to get six or seven games and perhaps get away to a training camp. Most importantly it's about getting the players right for the start of the season.

“I don't want them peaking in July, I want them peaking on the first day of the season.

“We must get the preparation right and that means minimizing the risk of injury as much as possible as well.

“I have moved with the times in terms of the scientific approach and what's available now but I'm also old school in the way I look at pre-season as well. It's about getting the right balance.”

After a five month hiatus between leaving Sunderland and joining Ipswich, Keane is well refreshed and as other mangers look to go away on their summer break, he is looking to get transfer business done early.

He said: “I'd like to have our targets at the club by the time we get pre-season underway if I can. It gives the new players time to settle in and helps with the bonding.”

An Ipswich Town XI will compete for the Hadleigh Charity Cup on July 8. They take on Hadleigh at Millfield Road in a 7.45pm kick off.